Thursday, September 4, 2014

No Rest for the Weary

Mark stared at the burned town around the building.  Fire had swept through the suburbs, burning houses, trees and cars.  The remains of these clawed out of the dark ash that was occasionally moved by the breeze.  Misshapen figures shambled through the ruined landscape, moving randomly after any noise, seeking the living.
"This is hell."  Mark thought and shifted slowly as he leaned against a large sign.  "I doubt anyone bothers trying to live here."  Looking off the roof Mark could see a long way into the distance.  "We'll be on our way soon enough, hopefully to someplace better."
Several forms moved through the rubble, sliding between rubble and shadows, closing in on the building.

This scenario starts on the morning of Day 28, the team has spent 4 days recovering in an abandoned warehouse.  They are on the outskirts of a small town, which has mostly burned down.  Everyone has recovered (both Dawn and Allen were injured previously) and are operating at full strength.  The group is prepped to leave, but have not decided their next destination.  The encounter rating starts at 3, with 9 zombies on the board.  3 PEFs are also present, zombies will appear on a 5-6 after each shot.

Approaching in two groups are gangers.  The entry area for the groups is determined randomly.  They are unaware of the team being in the area, but they are looking for a missing member (killed in the previous batrep) and may attack when they discover the team.  As neither side starts aware of the other, I am using a simple contest between each model, they will roll their rep, looking for successes.  If a model rolls higher, it detects the enemy model.  I have ruled that being inside any of the intact structures completely hides a model.
Day 28 starts
Shanel led the group along the street.  She could see the Taco Bell had burned to the ground since they were here last week.  "Baz had better be at the building."  She looked ahead, seeing the crashed SUV at the gate.  "Looks like there was trouble."
"Baz should have come and found us if something happened."  J-Rock said, checking his shotgun "At least the truck is by the building."
"Let's be careful - clear out these biters and we'll check the building."
Gangs enter in two areas
The gang enters in two groups, Group 1 heading left to right down the street.  Group 2 moved past the burned out cell tower, through the ruined homes.  Both groups are going to engage the zombies, and move to the main building (where our team is currently living.)  They are looking for their missing member, and the silver pickup truck.

The gangers are: Group 1 Shanel (rep 5, BAP), J-Rock (Rep 4, Shotgun) and Smalls (Rep 3, Pistol); Group 2 is Dredz (rep 4, BAP), Pots (Rep 3, SMG) and Delisha (Rep 3, BAP)

Mark is the only model out for the team to start, and rolls 3 successes for hiding/spotting. The best any of the gangers manages is 2 successes, and no one spots Mark.  The survivors win initiative, and Mark moves down off the roof to join the rest of the team.  They will decide when to move out and start a meet and greet.

Meanwhile, the gangers move forward, engaging the zombies.
Gangs move forward
Gang group 1 blasted the middle group of zombies, leaving just 1 knocked down.  Group 2 didn't shoot any zombies, and instead moved towards the objective building.

The next turn, the gangs go first, and continue to shoot up the zombies.
More zombies!
Shanel waved for Dredz to move ahead.  "Get behind that wall!"  She yelled "We'll get these up here!"  Shanel fired her pistol, its loud report echoing in the dead streets as the group moved up and fired at the zombies.
"Damn girl, we got these things taken care of."  J-Rock said as he fired his shotgun.  "Nothin' to worry about!"
Gangs shoot up the zombies
J-Rock ran out of ammo on the shotgun this turn, but the gangs decimated the zombies.  Team Mark was up and I decided to move to the windows, and spring the meet and greet.
Mark rolled 2 successes and the gang rolled 2 successes.  The gang decided to walk the walk, and everyone rolls to see who can act.
Pretty good scores

Group 1 scores all over

One zero, pair of 2's
Shanel doesn't have a weapon with enough range to fire on the team, and ends up not firing.  Mark has a shotgun, and it proves to be quite effective.  Firing at the group right outside the window, he scores 3 hits (triple 6 roll FTW!) and gets one killed outright.  The other two gangers are reduced to OOF, and half teh gang is gone in the opening salvo.  Dawn fires her SMG and hits one ganger from group 1.  He goes OOF, and rolling for man down, J-Rock runs away and Shanel ducks back.  The gangers should have talked...

Group 1 is gone

The team looks over the carnage of the gangs
The zombies went next, and started to close in on the recently downed, and now helpless gangers.  They also pursued Shanel, who was hiding behind a car wreck.
Zombies approach the sounds of battle
The sounds of gunfire died out, and Mark could see all the gang members were running or down.  "Let's get out of here.  The truck is packed, grab your stuff, and let's go."  Zombies were straining to get past the gate at the unconscious gangers.  "Crap.  we need them off that gate, or we may be trapped.  Fire!"  Mark started shooting again.
"I'll get the truck ready!"  Allen yelled as he grabbed his pack.  "Clear off the gate, and meet me down stairs."  Allen headed to the stairs, firing a shot out the window.  "We'll get on the road right away."

The walk the walk in sight tests really went my way.  The gang was eliminated in one turn of shooting, I almost felt bad for them.  The zombies that spawned looked a bit problematic, and with several attacking the gate, I figured I had best just cut and run.  The last ganger, Shanel, had a bit of a fight ahead of her, if she was going to get away.
Shanel is charged
She knocks the zombie down
Shanel makes good her escape!
Meanwhile, Team mark works to clear the gate, and then get on the road and out of town.  The truck is full of supplies, although the group did spend a turn getting ready before the meet and greet, so they have their possessions.
Zombies close on the gate
Some zombies don't bother with the gate as they find a snack in the street...
Zombies gathered at the gate before the team started shooting them up, which looked like it could be trouble for the team to have to break through.
The gate holds...for now
The steel gate groaned as the zombies desperately clawed at it and reached through, straining to get at the unconscious humans laying on the ground.  With a tortured shriek, it started to tear away from the hinges.
"Start shooting!  If that gate breaks, we'll have to fight our way out!"  Mark yelled and fired into the mass of zombies.  "Allen will get the truck started!"
Dawn added shots from her SMG, and zombies began to drop near the gate.  "We'll get them!"  She shouted.
Shooting thins out the zombies
I get a good round of shooting, and eliminate all but 2 zombies on the gate.  The gate was damaged, but not destroyed (it has 1 damage point left) and luckily only a few zombies spawn from the noise.  Most of them gravitate to the feasting going on, leaving team Mark able to kill the remaining pair as Allen heads to the truck.
Its a Feast!
Allen gets to the truck.
Dawn and Mark check the downed gangers
Both Allen and Dawn passed 2d for seeing the feast.  I was surprised to find they hadn't gotten that before.  At least I won't have to check it again.  Looting the fallen gangers gave me another SMG and BAP.  After that, Mark opened the gate and the group drove away.
Leaving the gate open, Mark runs to the truck
Time to leave
It was a pretty basic scenario, and one I had setup before I took my break.  I don't need to check for keeping it together (last time Mark more than doubled up the scores of Allen and Dawn) and  the group continues to journey west.


  1. Great to see you posting again dude.
    Another cool episode and nobody got hurt. Where ever they roam I'll be watching with interest.

    1. Thanks, I am glad to be back. Things are going to be tough for the group moving forward. I wish I could recruit some more survivors.

  2. Another victory for Team Mark. Yay! Eliminating so many gangers in the walk the walk test was a huge stroke of luck. Another exciting batrep. Keep 'em coming!

    1. It was all in that awesome roll Mark coughed up. The triple 6 meant he hit all three gangers, and add into that decent rolls for wounding, the gang was done. It really highlights how ATZ can turn very quickly!

  3. On the surface a fairly straight forward affair, but it could easily have gone very wrong on the first confrontation.

    Great to see you're back blogging btw.

    1. Thanks, I am glad to be able to get back to it!

      As scenarios go, I wanted a short one to get back into the swing, and this was part of what I had planned.

      Originally I was going to have a survivor group and the gangers each enter the board, and see how Team Mark would interact with each. That felt too complicated, and I went with this instead.

  4. One of those games which could have gone completely the other way if the gangers had fired first, I think! Ah, well - it's all good for Mark and the team, so far!

    1. This really highlights the importance of a high rep figure, to get the most chances at the critical show downs. I am worried the team is too small, they really can't afford any losses.

  5. Great report and the group is on the move again!

    1. They are continuing the journey west, we'll see if they can find Allen's family!

  6. Thank you for keeping the story going sir, very cool indeed!

    1. There will still be a few times it gets slow, as real world stuff is keeping me from my regular schedule, but it should be back more regularly!

  7. Very exciting. Too bad about the gangers.

    1. Don't feel bad for the gangers, they would do the same to the survivors if they had the chance!