Sunday, November 2, 2014

Scenery: Apache Down

I have a downed news helicopter, but on a recent trip through the second hand shop, I found a new inspiration.  I found a well loved (heavily damaged) AH-64 Apache helicopter toy to make into scenery.  I figure it will be a compliment to the news copter.
AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter in action
In contrast to the news helicopter, I took some advice and broke this wreck into two parts.  This toy didn't have any of the 'fiddly bits' left, and I just left the main rotor area empty.  It will be easier to move around or position on the battlefield anyway. 

All of the weapons are gone, the landing gear were both missing, and there was a good crack on the bottom that didn't look realistic at all.  The cockpit is still intact, so I cut open the hatches, the crew have apparently bailed out.  There are dubious stains, one or both may be inured or turned...

I didn't take pictures in process, although these show it still only about 90% complete.

Mark and Team check out the downed chopper
It's broken in two
It's not a great show piece, but it looks like a downed Apache, which is what I wanted it to look like.  Now if I can find a Blackhawk, that would be great!  If I find one in good shape, I don't think I will be making a wreck, of course, if it has been played with as well as this helicopter, it won't have much of a life beyond a wreck...

Hopefully I can get the campaign back up and running this week.  I am anxious to see what Minneapolis holds!


  1. great bit of scenery and a good idea to have it in two parts too.

  2. Great job on the crashed Apache so far.
    Wicked good idea for a scenery piece dude!

  3. Awesome bit of scenery nice one mate!