Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Scenery: Modified Cardstock Coffee Shop

What building is on almost every corner? (at least it seems that way here in America)  - Starbucks.
Morning Zombies

Taking a look at my selection of buildings, I found a rather large gap in the collection, I don't have a Starbucks or any coffee shop.  Being rather cheap, and wanting to try and get something built quickly, I decided to go for a card building.  Also being cheap, I used a free model from the internets!

I used the Microtactix Horseman's Deli as the basis for the building. I have built this a couple of times before, it makes a nice basic building.  As presented, it does not have an interior, and I wanted to change that.  I also decided to replace the 'glass' with some clear plastic for a window effect.

I should have done a better job with my photography skills, as I fumbled the in process pictures.  I do have a few from various part way through.  Imagine glue, bits of paper and various swearing all forming a cloud...that is pretty much how this went to start!
Scene Missing
I am using scrapbook/craft paper from a chain hobby shop (Hobby Lobby I believe) I chose a fairly neutral green with a burlap pattern.  I hope it gives some interest without overwhelming the senses.  I printed off the building at full scale, and matched the walls to the paper, cutting pieces for the interior.

For the front and back, I cut the windows and doors out through both the outside and the inside walls.  I printed off the doors on a separate page.  I should have just printed another full page, but I tried to be clever and did just a screen grab of the doors, with one mirrored.  They didn't scale correctly, and as a result my front door is slightly over sized.  It's not too bad, but I won't make that mistake again.

I did manage to print the roof at a larger size, so it would overhang the walls, as opposed to being recessed on the standard model.  I have plenty of clear plastic packaging set aside for the windows, so it was pretty easy to just cut a piece to fit the door and window.  I did choose to NOT do the window over the front door, it doesn't look too bad.

A piece of advice, if you are installing clear plastic for the windows in this card building, I recommend using the absolute minimum amount of glue.  Be prepared to clean up glue overrun if you put very much glue on.  There is not much space for the hinge for the front door, I used just a small piece of paper glued to the door (between the front and back) and the interior and  exterior walls.

Are they still open?
I have some of my half finished figs pictured with the building.  Kind of a work in progress in a couple of ways...
Front, with windows
 I made some basic box shapes using Excel, and added some pictures and wood textures.  I used a picture of a Starbucks for behind the counter.  It looks like shelves and a couple of chalk boards.  It's passable.  I also made a small box shape, gave it a chrome texture, and a picture of a coffee machine.  It won't be easily visible, but it works.
Cropped and printed it looks okay.

Front above showing some of the interior
I used some found pictures from the net for the Starbucks logo.  I made signs to hang below the roof line, allowing me to still remove the roof to get to the inside.  The sign is a little tall, but it works out as unmistakable signage.
Should be able to find that sign from blocks away
The building is more or less completed.  I am going to add some more details, tables and chairs, trash can, etc. when I get the chance.  As it stands, it will usable for my next game...
The standard building is on the right
Well, some good, some bad.  I'm thinking of trying some other variations on the shop.  I will go with much smaller signs, and just on the front.  I can place them together for a strip mall effect.

The front is a bit of a pain to do the glass trick with, but overall this was a good model to try it out on.  It would be nice to have a bit more space next to the door.  I'll need to get better at making the doors the right size as well.  For a first go, I feel it turned out okay.

Please any suggestions, comments or ideas are welcome!


  1. You small town is starting to grow :) nice houses.

  2. That's not a bad effort at all. I've made this building twice and found it quite easy to make, despite putting "glass" panels in the front door. The one major difference with mine is that I reinforced the walls with mounting card. This makes a huge difference to the model as it greatly strengthens the building and eliminates those wavy walls you often get with using paper.

    1. I have some mounting card, I will have to try that trick. I used cardstock for the outside, plus the craft paper is pretty thick as well. Anything extra should really strengthen it.

      Thanks for the tip!

  3. I think that looks pretty darn good Nobody! I think - at least in my experience - Costa is more common on this side of the pond, so I'm going to have to have a go at that myself. It's a gap I hadn't thought of until you pointed it out!

    1. Thanks! Coffee shops should probably be on every board, the way they seem to be everywhere...

      Good luck with your build! Let us know how it goes!

  4. Good additios to your building collection, but I think would have gone for greater strength walls (thicker card or foamboard).
    I've found very similar problems with door hinges as you have too and there is a version of "Starbucks" in the Twilight series (I think).

    1. I considered using foamcore, but I figured on just getting a building done. I'll be reinforcing the card buildings in the future. I went for the free building because I'm a cheap Bast@rd. :)

  5. Good job Steve! I've built two of those but haven't put interiors in them, so this is great inspiration for me. I haven't glazed them either. A coffee shop never even entered my head when it came to ideas for my town buildings. Great gap spotting and a very cool way to fill it.

    1. Thanks Bob. I could have done a bowling alley, but that seemed a bit large. :)

      I do think this is a good building to do an interior with. It's big, but not too huge, and it works for nearly any sort of building.

  6. Nice idea! Something most towns have as well. Super job on the build and the interior is great and looks the part. When you get around to doing some chairs, tables and perhaps some big umbrellas it will add even more realism.

    1. I like the idea of the tables with umbrellas. I'll have to see what I can make for that, something out on the sidewalk area... Hmmm. Thanks for the ideas!