Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Damnation Alley (Part 3) "Roadblock"

Larry studied the road ahead, trying not to watch the horrific scene of zombies feasting.  "That red car is going to be in the way.  I'm going to slow down when we hit it."  Glancing around the Humvee he continued.  "We don't want to crash."
"That medical tent and container should have some useful stuff."  Blake said as he pointed ahead.  "Most of the zombies seem to be chasing the agents on the other side of the road."
"If they leave us alone, we'll leave them alone."  Dawn said, looking at the agents fighting nearby.  "They can certainly handle themselves."

Dawn and her team have finally entered the roadblock area, starting the scenario.  The agents of Phoenix Corporation are trying to extract a civilian doctor as a primary mission.  Accompanying the doctor is a captured gang member, who is the girlfriend of the gang leader, Hatchet.  Dawn's team is just looking to move through the area, although getting to loot any of the containers or tents is a strong lure to spend a little extra time here.

With the survivors entering the table, I run a meet and greet - they can see each other across the freeway.  Each side scores 3 successes, and choose to ignore each other.  That's fine by me, the survivors don't want to fight the agents.
Larry drives the team into the roadblock
The gang wins initiative, although it has been reduced to just the leader, Hatchet.  The zombies will go second, the survivors go last.  The agents don't activate this turn.

Hatchet looked around him, the three zombies he had knocked down were writhing at his feet.  Dog had just run off amongst some nearby homes, leaving him alone on the street.  He could hear Trish being dragged away, and Hatchet knew he had to act.
"Hey!  You don't need the girl, let her go and we can all walk away!"  Hatchet yelled as he checked his handgun.  "I only want my girl back!"
Agent Echo looked around the highway, zombies were swarming the road, she had agents down and could see gang members bleeding out on the pavement.  She shook her head in amazement, yelling back "I think her best chance is to leave with us!  You should run while you have the chance!"
Hatchet finishes off the zombies around him
Hatchet steps into the street
Hatchet felt his rage build, he yelled back "Bitch, ain't nobody takes better care of my woman than me!"  He charged down the street, seeing the agents trying to get to their Humvee.  "I'll kill you all!"
Once again bullets filled the air as shots rang out.

 Hatchet runs forward, and triggers in sight checks.  He gets lucky and beats Echo, but only ties the agent in the Hummer, with a machine gun.  At least he will go at the same time.  I had hoped to be in a position to not be seen by the LMG, and still be able to to shoot the agents.  It was not to be I guess.
Hatchet meets his end
Agent Echo falls to Hatchet
"Echo is down!"  Agent Johnson yelled into his communicator.  "Control, Control, this Johnson.  Echo is down, Team Epsilon requesting emergency Evac!"
"Agent Johnson, this is Control."  An even monotone voice came back almost immediately.  "Take charge of the team and complete primary objective."  The voice of control betrayed no emotion, and calmed the agent.  "Proceed to location Delta Four for extraction.  Significant infected are closing on your position, you need to move."
Agent Johnson looked around the area, his decision was easy.  "Team, form on the Hummer, ignore the humans, engage only if they attack.  We need to get moving!"

So Hatchet dies from the machine gun, but his shots hit and kill Echo.  The agents pass their leader down rolls, and Agent Johnson becomes the new leader.  The zombies swarm forward into the disheveled agents...
Zombies begin to devour the fallen gang

Zombies attack the agents
Agent Finn struggled with the zombie, he could see more moving in to attack.  Twisting around, Finn swung his baton vigorously, trying to brain the flesh eaters.  "There's too many of them!"  He yelled as he fought.
Johnson shoots one, and knocks the other down
Finn falls to a zombie
It's been a hard turn for the agents.  They do manage to all pass man down checks, although another loss and they will have even harder times passing them.  On the other road, Dawn and the gang pause at the Hummer.

"Slow down!"  Dawn yelled as Larry swerved around the cargo Humvee.  "I see an injured man over there.  I'll grab him, maybe we can negotiate with the corporate goons."
"I'm going to hit that container, and be right back."  Blake said, pointing at a nearby green container.
"I'll cover you guys from the top."  Anna said as she checked her rifle and popped back up out the top hatch.
Dawn pulls the wounded agent away from the zombies
Dawn sees the agent knocked out by the explosion of the gang car.  There were zombies moving towards him, and the group isn't going to leave someone for the dead.  Blake runs to the container and searches, finding medical supplies and food.

The next turn the Agents get to go, with nobody else getting a chance to go.  Only the survivors Hummer moves, as vehicles move even when inactive.  Luckily they slowed down last turn, and don't move too far.

With a free turn, the agents try and make the best of the situation.  The doctor and Trish jump into the Hummer.  Agent Jake, carrying the samples, looses his battle in melee, falling to the zeds.  The remaining agents pass their man down checks.  The last heavy weapon agent only fights to a draw, keeping him from catching up to the rest of the team.  Johnson finishes off the zombie he is fighting and gets in the hummer, starting it up.  He backs up over a couple of zombies, and then starts forward again.
Agents on the move
Everyone activates on the next turn, with the zombies going first.  Both Hummers are moving, and go first.  As both will be active they have more control.  The agents are almost off the board, and the survivors slow down to let Blake and Dawn catch up.

Of course, the zombies decide to make it interesting.
Agent Smith watches his ride driving away
Dawn and Blake have friends to deal with
Agent Smith watched the Hummer driving off.  Jake had just fallen, the samples case sitting in the roadway.  Zombies closed on Smith, and he could see Agent Harris being half dragged and carried by a civilian by the other Hummer.  At least they weren't leaving him for the zombies.  Two zombies grabbed at Smith, snapping him back to his own situation.
Smith looks surrounded
One dead, one knocked down
Agent Smith knocked one zombie down, and killed another.  He waved to the Hummer calling out on the radio.  "Clear the road a bit, I'll grab the case and be right there!"  Time to be a hero he thought.
Smith makes a run for it
Clearing the road
Agent Smith goes into hero mode!  He finishes off the zombie knocked down in hand to hand, shoots the one nearest the sample case, manages to grab the case, and runs up the road.  He is within one move of the Hummer, and I decide they will stop for him.  If they manage to win initiative, or at least beat the zombies, they have a chance to succeed on all their objectives.

On the other road, Dawn kills a zombie in melee, and then carries the downed agent to the Hummer.  She shoots a couple of zombies for good measure.  Blake finishes off a zed in melee, and gets to their Hummer as well.  Anna continues to fire on the zombies.  Next turn the team will speed off.
Everyone gets back to the Hummer
Zombies get to go first the next turn.  The agents Hummer is stopped, and doesn't move.  The survivors is moving, but slowly, it creeps forward about 1".  The zombies try and catch the agents Hummer, and swarm the survivors.
They can't quite catch the agents
Zombies swarm!
Two zombies managed to climb up onto the Hummer.  Three others fell under the wheels, killed.  One zombie tried to attack Larry, grabbing at him through the window.  Larry wins his melee, and the zombie falls off the truck.
On the top of the Humvee, the second zombie attacks Anna.  She loses in melee, and is knocked Out of the Fight.  When the team activates, Dawn fires twice and kills the zombie.  The team speeds off the board.
Speeding off to the north
Zombies thumped the sides of the truck, trying to reach the living inside.  Larry yelled and swerved, punching the zombie trying to grab him through the window.  "They're all over us!"  he yelled.
A loud thump echoed from the roof, and Anna fell into the truck, her rifle clattering on the seats.  A grim face appeared in hatch as a zombie tried to follow her into the truck.  "Anna!"  Blake yelled, cradling her head and pulling her away from the grasping hands of the zombie.
Two shots roared from Dawn's pistol, blowing the zombie back up and out of the top hatch.  "No free rides!"  She yelled, closing the hatch.

A low moan came from Anna.  "Check her out Blake, I'm going to check our new agent friend."  Dawn said, casting a worried look at Anna.  Larry continued to speed down the road, swerving to avoid wrecks.
Dawn confiscated the agents weapons, and found his radio.  She could hear chatter, and caught parts of the agents discussing a doctor and treatment.  "Wow, it sounds like they might be able to cure an infection."  Dawn announced to the truck.
"Do you think they will share?"  Blake asked, shaking and turning pale.
"Why, what's wrong?"  Dawn asked, looking worried.
Blake looked down, and Dawn followed his gaze.  Anna clearly had a bite on her arm, and already her veins were turning a horrific purple.  "No!  Anna, hang on!"  Dawn yelled.  "Larry - Catch that Hummer!"

The zombie knocks Anna OOF, and she fails her "Harry are you okay?" check.  She's infected.  Normally this is a death sentence, but I think we just got our next scenario!  The team will try and catch the agents and get the cure for the bite, hopefully saving Anna!


  1. Thats was a great game.... hope anna gets the cure in the next game.

    1. Thanks! It was fun to play. Hopefully things work out well for Anna!

  2. That was a great report. With action, cliffhanger and a great idea for the next scenario.

    1. I'm happy to hear you liked it! It turned out pretty well, I was surprised with the way it worked out.

  3. That was quite a roller coaster of a ride. I totally agree that the team should follow the agents to try and get a cure for Anna. Good luck with that.

    1. It's fun how the game takes on a life of its own sometimes. It felt like a perfect follow-up for this scenario. Let's hope the team can be successful!

  4. Aw, no! The team has had a tough enough time of it without losing another member. I'm really hoping that Anna can make it...

    1. I was so upset she was bitten! Hopefully they can get the cure and Anna can survive. It'd be nice if they could recruit some more survivors...

  5. Awesome! I got an evil chuckle out of each Phoenix Corp agent that went down. Next scenario should be a fun read. Pretty noble of Dawn to rescue that agent.

    1. I was shocked at how many casualties the agents took in such a short time!

      Dawn and company are the 'good' guys, and they won't leave someone to the undead if they can help it. Plus, the agents are well equipped, looting one while unconscious could be profitable... :)

  6. Very, very neat. I liked that a lot. Well done.

  7. Nice batrep. Its a shame Anna got bit. Will they agent get exchanged I wonder in return for healing Anna?

    1. Thanks! I hate to loose another survivor, but with some luck, maybe they can make the exchange!

  8. Great batrep dude!
    Another excellent episode, this one even had a great cliffhanger ending. Superb stuff.

    1. Glad to hear you liked it! Hopefully the conclusion goes well for Anna. We'll see how it turns out!