Sunday, May 10, 2015

Oh No... Zombies!

Happy Mother's Day
This weekend being Mother's Day, we spent some time as a family this weekend, and I didn't get to as much of my projects, or campaign, as I would have normally.  We did, however get an afternoon of boardgames played (Mom is a game collector, and loves boardgames) one of which was the board game Oh No...  Zombies!
The box says it all.

The game is from Archie McPhee, and is meant to be a relatively simple game.  It is listed as for ages 12+, and comes with 14 plastic figures.  My son received the game for Christmas, but we haven't had a chance to play it until now.  There were four of us playing, which worked out well, it could handle up to 4 players.

The players each control a survivor, they have holed up in a cabin.  They need to get batteries for the CB radio in the cabin to call for help.  If it's the zombie apocalypse, I'm not sure who they are calling for help...
All the components

Anyway, there are four corner locations that have batteries, and a shotgun each.  Combat with the zombies is particularly deadly, you draw a card from a provided deck.  From the mix of the cards, there are only a couple of chances to kill a zombie, about a 50/50 chance to be able to run away and the rest of the results are, well, predictable.  There are some weapons (Torch, Shovel, Cricket Bat) scattered around the board that allow players to escape the zombies.
Game survivors with some 28mm survivors...
All the figures on the board.
As humans are turned into zombies, they continue to play, as a zombie, and chase down the remaining humans.  The other, NPC zombies, move according to a die roll (one color activates) and are moved by one of the players.  It gives a bit of backstabbing and some strategy of working together and against each other from turn to turn.

The game played fair enough, although two of us were turned into zombies (yes, I was the second to go!) in the first couple of turns.  The game gets much more difficult as the other players turn into zombies, and work to eliminate the living.  It did take a while to eliminate the last living player, but we managed to corner her and a bad draw in combat ended the game.  Sorry, no in-game pictures, I didn't have the camera handy...

Overall, this was an okay game, although I would only recommend it for kids or for a quick diversion.  The figures are too large to be useful for most gaming scales, although if you used the normal toy soldier scale, they would work for that.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Mother's Day!
Someone has to prepare!


  1. Mother's Day? Did I miss something? Or more likely, it's just a different date in your part of the world and mine...

    The co-operative/backstabbing mix in this game sounds interesting.

    1. Whoops, yeah it was Mother's Day in the USA. I probably should have mentioned that...

      Working with and against made for some interesting moments. It made the game much more fun and some fun times.

  2. It's great to game with the family. Nice change of pace dude!

    1. Always great to be able to spend some family time! It's even better if they are willing to play some zombie related games...

  3. Replies
    1. It was fun, but not very intense. A good game to play with some 'normal' gamers, and still get a bit of the horror/zombie apocalypse genre.