Monday, May 16, 2016

More for the Horde

Things have been slow on the zombie apocalypse, Fallout is still draining most of my free time.  I did manage to get some more zombies painted and based.  These are all various Horrorclix, I picked them up at some online clearance sales.  Re-positioning some arms, repainting and basing them is all I had to do.
Group shot
I have three delivery men, originally in a bright green uniform.  I painted one in a USPS/FedEx blue and the other in UPS brown/yellow.  It's hard to tell, but the brown uniformed zombie had it's arm re-positioned, otherwise they are all the same pose.
Sign for the packages...
The next group is four construction workers.  I replaced one arm and re-positioned two others.  The re-positioned arms didn't want to stay very well, so they all have a very similar look.  I painted them with different shorts and pants, but they are still all more or less the same.
Someone have a hammer?
The last fig is a strong man of sorts.  He is quite large and holding a top half of an unfortunate victim.  All I did was give them some paint and a "zombie wash".  He'll make a decent 'special' if I need one, or just a scary fellow to run into.
These were hanging around my painting table, I've been working to clean the area up a bit and these were an easy project to finish.

Now, if Fallout would just be less fun...


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    1. Thanks! He should inspire the right level of dread when he gets on the table...

  2. You can never have too many zombies, can you? These are just great; I was wondering which manufacturer made them and was somewhat taken aback when you mentioned "Horrorclix". I suppose that I have low expectations for the sculpting quality of pre-paints!

    1. There is no such thing as enough zombies in the horde. The Horrorclix give some interesting poses, they're not too bad if you give them some paint and maybe some small mods. I'm pretty pleased with them.

  3. I've been quite surprised how good Horrorclix minis turn out with a bit of TLC.
    I do wonder who ordered the 'arms' that the delivery guys are seemingly delivering.
    Favourite of the group is the brute though!
    You've done a great job on all of these and of course they'll add to the horde in both quantity and variety.

    1. LOL, the delivery men with arms - that is a great question. I've been quite happy with the variations in poses from the Horrorclix, they add some fun variations.
      I wasn't sure about the brute until I started painting him. I like how he turned out.

  4. Super pomalowane zombiaki.Też lubię takie klimaty.Tylko w skali 1;72.Pozdrawiam;-)

    1. Forgive me for not knowing Polish, but thanks! I'm glad you liked them, I see you prefer 1:72 scale, these would be nice to have for that size!

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    1. Thanks! There are never enough zombies!