Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Some Small Projects

Just a quick recap of a few items from the workbench.  I have a couple of scenery items and a couple of Horrorclix zombies.  These have been staring at me from the workbench for a while, I was glad to finish them off finally.

First thing I did was build a Plast Craft Games building I got for Christmas.  It's from the EWAR 28 line.  It's listed as a grocery, part of the WW2 France building collection.  It is printed foamcore that basically snaps together, with some parts getting glued.  It built very quickly, I think I had it done in under 30 minutes!  It has a basic interior, and as a bonus, it comes with a destroyed version as well.  It's not spectacular, but it makes a nice building for the table.
Nice small package
It will work best as part of a wargame, like Bolt Action.  As it has a destroyed version, it fits nicely that wherever it is located on the table, if it is destroyed, you have that version ready to go.  Nice idea, and it works well enough.  I had hoped for a ground floor, but I can deal with it being a single large room on the ground.
Some of the parts
It comes flat packed and is very clean and very well printed.  I'd love to see some other buildings like this.  If I get a chance I'll look at getting a few more, they have some townhouses that would be good for urban filler.  I have left off the French sign for now.
Dawn checks out the building
Interior Upstairs
The ruined base
In addition, I painted up a Dark Heaven Bones dumpster.  I'm happy with how it turned out.
Dumpster in blue
I had a busted toy van I found last summer and it's been just sitting.  I finally based it and turned it into a wreck.
Toy car wreckage!
I love taking old and broken toys and making them scenery.  This car was busted up for me already, no wheels and a crushed top.  Some black and rust paint makes it a decent wreck.
This van has seen better days!
Finally I have two zombie cops from Horroclix.  I just did some painting, added some gore and based them on smaller bases.  The Horroclix line has some fun models, and they make for good additional zombies in the horde.  Too bad they are getting hard to find.
Two zombie cops
That's it for the update.  I'm hoping to get more productive, as well as figuring out how Dawn and company are going to handle their prisoners!
Lady!  You can't park that here!


  1. I love the wreck mate, great work

    1. Thanks! The toy was in bad shape, so it made a great wreck.

  2. Love the dumpster and the wreck. If you could make a whole table out of those buildings they would look most excellent. I tried mixing in mdf with my home made stuff and it doesn't look right imo.

    1. I was happy with them both. The dumpster was primed with rust and I managed to scrape off small areas for some of the rust effects.

      The buildings would make a nice table, but woo expensive! Getting a mix can look good too, just need to play around with them.

  3. Really neat job with the van and the dumpster really looks the part :-)
    I'm seeing more and more 'Clix stuff on the blogs and keep thinking I should try and get some, so thanks for another excellent reminder!
    As for the Plast Craft building, I was unaware that some of them had interiors, it looks really neat, so many thanks for posting :-)

    1. Glad you liked the post. I would have liked more of an interior, but it will still work fine for what I need. Price wise I think I would go with Stoelzel Structures, they look great and build easy as well. Good luck with the Clix, the horror ones can be tough to get these days.

  4. These are all really good additions for the table top.
    The zeds looks good too and I'm sure we'll see them in a future scenario.

    1. Thanks! I have wanted the zombie cops for awhile, I got lucky and found them in a local hobby shop!