Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Worst Case Scenario

Mark dropped his cell phone, the lines were jammed or out anyway.  Pamela couldn't get his call, and he almost piled into a bus in the last intersection.  Her work was just ahead, Mark could see a crash in a nearby intersection as he parked his Jeep.

A couple of zombies started shambling towards him.  Mark saw he didn't have space to keep running - he faced them down.

I don't think that's a parking spot...

The zombies close in
After Mark jumped out, the zombies moved closer.  Winning initiative, Mark charged the closest, hoping to even the odds as quickly as possible.  He won the combat, but couldn't kill the zed.  Mark kept fighting, watching the other zombie close in.

Just stay dead!
I was a bit worried, one on one, I was doing well, but I figured once the zombies piled up it would get bad.  Remembering what happened last time, I was considering making a break for it.

Mark knocked a zombie down, then finished it off with a blow to the head from his hammer.  The next one was just about on him, and Mark launched at it.

It was a good turn, Mark killed one, and knocked the next one down.  If only the zombies could die a little more easily...

Stay down.
Another zombie was moving up (he is cleverly hidden by the tree in the above picture) and I rolled double 6 for activation, and drew a random event (not exactly by the rules, but what I had decided for my day one.)

Not a zombie?
So the last zombie moving up turned out to be a human, not a zombie.  Sweet, maybe he would help.  A quick couple of rolls, and the new person ran off.  I wasn't sure how to handle it so I ran a meet and greet quick between Mark and the new person.  The new guy scored two to my zero, and as it was a civilian, I figured he would just run for it - away from the zombie.  If this was not day one, it probably would have become a fight.

Uhhh, Hi?  I'll just leave you two alone...
The next turn Mark took down the zombie, and turned to his wife's car.  It was smashed up pretty bad, and Mark heard something moving by it.  In horror, Mark saw Pamela shuffle out, and charge at him...

Honey... No!
Before this time in the game I wasn't sure what would happen.  I rolled first to see if Pamela had been infected in the previous scenario.  She was.  In addition, I rolled a die to see how long before she turned, and got a 3.  I rolled to see how long the zombies would feast on her - if it was equal or less than her infection time, Mark would only find an eaten corpse.  Otherwise, she would be a zombie, and lurking in/near the car.  When I checked, the zombies were going to take 5 rounds - she would be a zombie.

Mark automatically failed a zed or no zed (passed 0) and went right to melee.  I also gave an extra 2 dice to the zombie for the first round.  It was going to be rough.

Domestic dispute?

Mark stepped up, and managed to fight to a draw that round.  The next round, he won and managed a kill.  At least he didn't have to administer a coup de grace.

With a sigh, Mark looked around - no more zombies could be seen, but he could hear sirens and explosions.  He slumped to ground, cradling the remains of what was the most important person in his life.  The tears flowed, and Mark sat there for what felt like hours.

Looking over, he saw the bar and grill where they had spent so many lunches, Mark needed a drink.

I know they have some good stuff here.
Going inside, Mark found a single zombie.  He charged right in, and attacked.  It went two turns, but Mark finished it off.  With an empty bar, Mark grabbed a bottle and watched the city burn around him...
Now all it needs to do is rain...

So, Mark proved himself in a pinch.  I got very lucky in the melee with his zombie wife, but managed to get the dice to go my way.

What to do now?  Day one will wind down for Mark.  I figure he will loot the bar thoroughly, and then find a place to hole up.


  1. At least this scenario went a lot better for Mark than it had done for Pamela; a pity the other random character didn't join him, but at least he didn't have to fight him too.
    I think Mark has earned his drink !very enjoyable aar.

    1. I was hoping to get someone else, it is never easy (or smart) to go it alone in the zombipocalypse. I figured it was better to see him go rather than having to fight him as well.

      Hopefully things keep going well...

  2. I like it, never be suprised by the dice gods. Good Batrep sir.