Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Law and Order

"The sign says approach by foot only."  Cindy said as she adjusted her pack.  "It looks like plenty of people heading that way.  Hopefully we're home free!"
"I don't like leaving my truck, but I would rather not get eaten by those things."  Allen said, a bit grumpy.  "Everyone remember where we parked..."

The check point loomed ahead, the normally busy highway overpass silent and still, just a few lonely wisps of smoke climbing from dead vehicles.  Hasty barricades, vehicles and tires formed a defensive perimeter around a generator and some lights.  They could see police sorting people into lines and searching them.

"Looks like they mean the no guns order."  Mark said.  "Let's see if we can talk them into letting us keep them."
"No way!  I don't want any trouble when we get to the check point.  Let's drop them and run through there."  Cindy argued.  "I want off these streets!"
"Whoa.  Let's wait until we are sure we're safe before we ditch the guns, okay?" Mark asked back.
The police barricade at the highway
This scenario has a couple of special rules.  The board was setup, with the highway on one side, a police check point set up under it/next to it, 2d6 citizens would be waiting at the check point and no zombies to start.  At the start of each turn, a d6 is rolled.  On a 1, 1+d6 gangers show up and attack.  On 2-5, another d6 citizens approach the check point.  on a 6, 1+d6 zeds show up.  I have 2 different gangs setup, and will randomize which shows up.
If a gang shows up, there will be a 1 turn break, and then only zombies will show up (at 1+d6/turn) until the board is cleared of zombies.  If its cleared, the rolls for start of turn arrivals resets.

For a victory I needed everyone to exit the side of the board past the police with all possessions.  A marginal victory would be everyone getting off board without weapons, or just escaping (any board side) if the police suffer 50% casualties.  Anyone dying from the group makes it an automatic failure.

In addition, I randomly determined one model to be 'fighting' with Mark, the leader.  Cindy won the roll, and each turn they would argue about ditching their guns to go through the police stop.  Once either model had 2 more successes than the other (each rolling rep) the fight would end with that model 'winning'.  If anyone in the group has to fight, it ends the argument, but may affect the stay or go roll.  This is going to be a judgement call on my part.

Whew, enough already - time for some action!

To start, two more citizens run past the group, heading to join the large crowd waiting to get past the barricade.  One of the PEFs moved close on the left, so Mark and Allen split off to investigate, while Cindy, Ben and Dawn move right to try and investigate a second PEF.
More citizens heading for "safety"

Citizens enter the alley
"See, it IS pretty safe here!  Let's just get in line and get off these streets!"  Cindy was pretty smug.  "I don't think dumping the guns is that big of a deal."
"Cindy might be right.  As much as I don't want to drop my pistol, this does seem safe."  Allen hesitantly added.  "Hey, did you hear something?"
Mr. Zed arrives, down the soon to be named 'Alley of Doom'
The first few turns are uneventful.  One PEF is a pair of citizens, another raises the ER by 1 (from 4 to 5).  The argument between Mark and Cindy continues, as neither can outscore the other by more than one.  However, I am considering actually giving in, and having the group follow the rules and go through, when the zombies arrive.  They should make this more interesting...
Meanwhile, at the aid station
As an aside, at the aid station portion, each model is checked by the "doctor" if they pass 2d, the model is escorted to the tent.  They are killed by his silenced pistol.  The medic takes anyone else to the ambulance.  Note this does not indicated either model is infected or not.  Rather slipshod medical attention I think...
GAH! Zombies!
The zombies chomp one citizen, and the others panic and run.  The snipers pass 2d and don't gun down the running humans.  The police manning the barricade falter, but Lieutenant Cole orders them to hold fire.  Detective Simpson finds a wounded person trying to pass through without getting checked out.
Sorry Ma'am, you need to see the medics.
Two more citizens enter the board.  Yep, you guessed it, down the alley.  They choose to run through the gap in the containers, and towards the aid station.  The snipers once again pass 2d, and don't kill the civilians.  The SWAT guards will deal with them eventually...
This doesn't look like our group...

The sniper perch
"Zombies!  Coming from the alley!"  Allen yelled, startled by their sudden appearance.  "Get back!"  Everyone turned and started walking away from the mass of zombies.
Dawn fell with a thud.  "Ow, son of a..."  She got up, limping from a pot hole.  "Keep going, I'll be okay!"

Doubles came up, and Dawn ended up with a twisted ankle.  So this is how its going go...
Well, it could be worse
The zombies move towards Team Mark, cleverly using the large sign as cover.  Only one is exposed, and the sniper manages to only knock it down.  The civilians are acting pretty well, I roll each turn between the police and the crowd, but the police maintain control. (I am using a simple rep roll, looking for successes.)
All that firepower and you knock over one zed?
The group gathers with Dawn
After moving, the group gets only a couple of hits, and they don't kill the downed zombie.  Team Mark's rolling isn't much better than the police.  This could make things very interesting...

As the undead shambled towards the group, a rhythmic thumping echoed through the streets.  "The police must have a helicopter for back up."  Cindy said.
"Hehehe.  Oh no, its not a copter.  That's a chopper!"  Allen laughed.

The next turn started with a gang entering the board.  The random roll indicated it would be my biker gang.  5 bikes roared onto the table...

Yep, down the alley.
The riders of doom!  (Cheesy, but why not?)
The gangers roar around the corner, and into a hail of gunfire.  This turn was easily one of the longest turns I have played out, with in sight tests, receiving fire tests and man down tests happening all over.  The snipers exact a toll, killing the first two bikers.  The rest of the police opened fire, and managed to miss.  For their part, the bikers rolled just about as well - not hitting anyone.
The bikers roll into the barricade
Team Mark elects to shoot zombies, and leave the gang war alone.  They kill a couple of zeds, and knock another down.
Shoot the zed
 Doubles come up and I get an armed zombie.  Looks like the downed zed is even more dangerous!
Ah, more fun!
The police don't activate, but the bikers do.  They hop off their motorcycles, and engage the police.  They roll much better, and the police don't react very well.  Even the detective (rep5) couldn't cough up a hit, although they did rush their shots.
The thin blue line...
Gunfire echoed through the streets, people were screaming and the undead continued their slow march forward.  Bullets ricocheted near Allen, and he ducked.  "Damn those boys mean business!  Maybe we best leave this to the cops!"
"Let's take care of the zombies, then get the hell outta here!"  Mark yelled as he squeezed off a shot at a nearby zombie.  "We won't stand a chance between the gang and the dead!"

The next turn, the gang goes first, and the police will activate just after them.  Seven zombies entered on the main street approach (at least it wasn't the alley!)  It's another active round, plus I get to see the police dog in action!
Detective Simpson and another officer down!
With a shout, Gary "Big Guns" Guzeman let fly at one of the snipers, smiling as he hit the pavement.  "We got 'em boys!"  He fired off a few more shots from his AR, grinning ear to ear, sensing victory!
The Sheriff sends in reinforcements!
Sheriff Dawson shoved Deputy Pfeiffer forward.  "Do something useful with that scattergun!"  Aiming his large bore pistol, Dawson shot the gang leader down.  "Bear - attack!"  Their trusty K-9 darted forward toward the nearest ganger.  Pfeiffer's shotgun dropped another ganger - smoke and lead filled the air

Two SWAT officers joined the fray, although one went out of the fight during the melee.  Ultimately, the last ganger was overcome.
The zombies are unimpressed
Mark and company clean up the zombies, the sheriff and his deputy (plus Bear) round up the panicked civilians.  The medic and last SWAT trooper recover the two downed officers and start back towards the ambulance.  The last SWAT sniper starts taking down zombies as Mark's team does the same.
This seems familiar
Back to the van folks!
Doubles come up, and I draw a fun random event...
No lack of targets I guess.
If I start rolling for each turn again, zombies will appear on a 1-2 instead of just a 1.  Should be lots more zed in the future...

Over the next few turns, zombies pour onto the board.  (Yep, down that same alley!)  Mark and team keep shooting, and with some sniper help, the horde of zombies gets whittled down.

Zombies keep coming down the alley
Finally some come from the opposite side!
Ben takes care of them, but runs out of ammo
"I'm out!"  Ben yelled, and pawed his pockets for shotgun shells.
"They're getting closer!  Do we run for it?"  Cindy asked, shaken.  "It looks clear now behind us..."

"Keep firing over there!  We'll help cover you to the barricade!"  Sheriff Dawson yelled, punctuating it with a shot.  "Let's clear them out!"

The sheriff and deputy finished with the crowd, and moved to the barricade.  the medic and last SWAT trooper moved up as well, adding fire to the team.  Well, they would, if they could activate.  Another mass of zombies entered along the main road, and Mark's group could only watch them shamble forward.

More for the party!
The zombies close in
Everyone kept firing, an even tempo, but the dead were relentless.  Slowly they closed in, more and more coming from the silent streets.  Dead, gray hands reached for them, and Mark could see the mass of zombies getting closer.  "We need some help!"

The police opened fire, opening a gap in the zombies.  "Now's our chance!  Make each shot count!"  Cindy aimed a burst into a nearby zombie's face.
The streets are about to be quiet again...
The team rolled well, everyone hit, and managed a kill.  This cleared off the board, and gave the survivors a turn before anything would start again.

It had been a long game, and I decided the sheriff (a bit more down to earth than the city police) would at least listen to the group.  I rolled a people challenge, and passed 2d (Mark let Allen do the talking!) and the group was allowed to pass.

Mark advanced to survivor, and while a success, I chose to not try and advance anyone.  It was a long scenario, but the group actually didn't do very much.  Besides, having a mix towards the low side for rep has been fun.  For keeping it together, I penalized Mark 1d, but he still kept the group together.

The highway fell behind them as they trudged up the road, passing a closed grocery store.  The occasional burst of gunfire echoed from the roadway behind them.  The day was hazy from the smoke, and clouds gathered overhead.  Surprisingly, the streets were empty compared to the carnage of the city they had just left.
"We need to find a place to stay."  Dawn said, still limping.  "I don't want to draw any attention from the police."
"Cindy will help us out there."  Mark replied, smiling at Cindy.  "Any good homes you want to show us in this neighborhood?"
Smiling back, Cindy pulled out her cellphone.  "Sure, let's see what I can still find..."


  1. That sounded pretty hairy. I'm glad to hear that the team got out of it in the end with nothing worse than a hurt ankle, though :-) .

    1. I got lucky that nearly everything entered across the board from the team. I had space to play with, which helped me stay away from the gang.

  2. That is Epic. Great scenario and superb Batrep, glad to hear they made it

    1. Thanks for dropping by, I am glad you enjoyed the report!

  3. This goes down as one of the most interesting scenarios I've encountered.
    At times it seemed as if Team Mark's every effort was proving futile in the overall scheme of things, but it must have been quite a relief to come to a satifactory conclusion to the game.
    I do like your restrained attituded to character advancement.

    1. It was touch and go for awhile, and it really could have changed the whole campaign if I had given up the weapons and moved on. Still, it was fun to have the game end the way it did. Although I am glad the people roll worked out for the best...

      Hopefully the campaign will go long enough for people to advance (and slip back) so no need to advance every time.

  4. That was very exciting and very tense with a successful outcome for the good guys a far from certainty. I love your gaming board. It's the little things that help bring it to life.

    1. Thank you very much! I am trying to keep my board flexible, but still with fun details.

  5. Loved the action, top batrep.
    I'll say again, like your gaming set up.

    1. Thanks! If the campaign keeps going, hopefully the bat reps will stay interesting!

  6. Another well written AAR!
    I like the feel of chaos the board gives, fantastic!

    1. I'm glad you liked it! The board was pretty cramped, which kept the action pretty tight.

  7. Great scenario idea, also liked the your idea how that the snipers could possibly lose it and open fire on civs as well. Loving this campaign!

    1. I figured the police would be on edge by day 3. I was surprised the snipers actually passed all their rolls!

      Thanks for dropping by!

  8. Very good AAR. The board is stunning and the scenario with a lot of action. It is thrilling, with so many things that may have went wrong, the group survived it. Looking forward to reading the next episode

    1. I'm glad you like the board set up. I really thought the gang was going to be trouble, but the dice had almost everything come down that alley...

  9. Fantastic Action packed report. The table looked ace. Love those tyre walls.

    1. Its amazing how relatively few cars were sacrificed for their wheels for those walls. Glad you enjoyed the report!