Monday, March 10, 2014

Pardon the Interruption

My son and I had a chance to visit a good friend of mine this weekend, so no new campaign batrep.

While I was there, we did play a game of Walking Dead Risk, which, while still Risk, was quite fun.  I could see the potential of using the pieces and the idea of a Risk like game board to have a strategic level zombie game for ATZ.  I am not sure what I would need that for, but it could be fun.

Yeah, I held the prison, and really nothing else.
Luckily the guys fell for my plan, I held the center of the board the whole game, which was my secret victory objective!  Of course that's not how the game actually works, but I felt good.  In the end the viscous Greene family was victorious.

After the game and some BSing, we decided to play a quick game of ATZ.  We rolled up 4 survivors, made up a dubious mission and played a run and gun game.  It was a fast and fun play through, where one of our knife fighters died in the opening round of hand to hand, even though he was armed with a BAP he chose to go to HTH...  Maybe we egged him on a touch...

It was a pretty cool board, the base was a vinyl mat painted to look like streets.  We had quite a few various plasticville buildings, plus some nicely detailed Woodlands Scenics buildings.  We used one as our objective (it was a motorcycle garage) and a bunch of various scatter terrain.
The starting setup
We entered through the park area, and started fighting zeds right away.  One survivor fired off a shotgun, and started the chain reaction of zombies closing in.
I wonder if the church is clear?
I managed to get my survivor to the hotel on the south side of the board (trailing zombies behind me) and found two new survivors (by this time two of us had fallen, so they got new guys.)  They were armed with assault rifles, which looked like it would even things out.  One of our new survivors got greedy, opened another hotel room and died to the zombies inside.  Again, he may have been egged on...
The zombies pour into the garage...
...and out the other side again.
So we had a plan (not a good one, but eh, you know) one of us would start the yellow car to try and draw the horde away from the garage, and we could barricade it and reach our objective.   Like I said, it was a kind of plan.  As you can guess, no way could we get the car started.
The horde descends on the car.
Wisely (or cowardly) the remaining survivor inside the hotel held his fire, and watched the zombies tear the last two survivors apart.  The car didn't distract them, but at least the zombies feasting on the bodies did.  The last survivor made a break for it (starting a fire in the hotel to cover his escape!)
Run for it!
At the end, the last survivor tried to take a car and make a break for it.  Predictably, it wouldn't start, and a few zombies caught up and ended the game as it began, with a zombie killing off a survivor in hand to hand...
Should have just run for it...
It was a fun afternoon of zombie themed fun.  As the guys were setting up a game of Thunderstone Advanced, I had to take off.  I'll have find a chance to get back there and play that as well, it looked like fun.

With any luck I'll get a chance to get back to the campaign this week.


  1. I'm pretty sure that you meant 'vicious', not 'viscous' when describing the Greene family :-) . Then again, I don't know them...

    Nice ATZ game. I've lost count of the number of times someone has died because they were egged on to do something rash, or because they decided to open "just one more" door. If the real apocalypse comes then I suspect the true survivors will be the extremely cautious ones!

    1. Well, the way they were acting, viscous might be the right term... LOL! Teaches me to not proofread!

      True that caution wins the day more than being rash, but I think it does come down to taking 'good' risks. Its just figuring out which risks are 'good'...

  2. Sound like a good weekend all round. Using a strategic game alongside the tabletop adventures is good food for thought and your one-off ATZ game must have been great fun even if frantic at times.

    1. It was a fun weekend! As I said, I am not sure of the strategic game. I thought perhaps as a method of determining where the hordes are the worst, or where other living are making a stand.

      I just wouldn't want it to be the central part of the game, I think I prefer storytelling to an extended strategy game.

      The one-off was played as a run and gun, not really meant to be more than a splatterfest. It was fun to not worry about a long campaign to some degree.

  3. Very cool looks like you all had a ball. The mat though simple is very effective looking a good idea I shall have to investigate further.

    1. The mat worked very well, it was a very good idea for a flexible game surface. Its pretty cheap, and looks pretty good. I am going to look at trying one for my 'later' apocalypse (ash wastelands, etc.)

  4. That looked like fun times, really liked the mat. Where did you get Walking Dead Risk from? For awesome splatterfest fun try Zombicide.

    1. We considered playing Zombicide, but wanted something a bit more 3D. Besides, we hadn't played ATZ in awhile.

      One of the guys had found his copy of Risk walking dead at a comic store on clearance (the box had been crushed.) It should be readily available online for around $50 US, I'd try Amazon or such.