Thursday, June 30, 2016

Atomic Liquors! (Papercraft Building)

I am slowly coming back from Fallout 4.  Setting up my next game I decided something I needed was a commercial building, and I decided to make Tommygun's "Atomic Liquors" liquor store.  For anyone not familiar with him, Tommygun has made a string of very nice paper models of various buildings.  They are designed to be shells, but are very easily fleshed out.  I recommend them highly, especially as he has tons of little extra details for them as well.
It's usually taller...
As I started the build, I decided to separate the second floor and roof, to make them playable areas.  I ran into some trouble with the second floor, and until I get a chance to print off another set of walls, I am going to have a one story version of the building.  <sigh>  The best laid plans I guess.
Jack looks through the doors at Dawn
I cut out the front and rear doors, using a basic paper hinge to make them 'functional'.  For the front doors, I cut out the frames and inserted clear plastic card for a glass look.  Overall, I am happy with the results, although the front doors do not open as well as they could.  The small frames are hard to make flexible enough to open.
A basic interior
The interior is reinforced with thick card (from a cereal box) and then lined with scrapbook paper.  I have found quite a few nice wallpaper and floor patterns in scrapbook paper.  It's a great resource - pretty cheap and the paper is usually a good quality for cutting and gluing.  I haven't finished the interior yet, I will add some various bits when I play next until I decide what the final floor plan will be with the second story.
This place needs a new roof!
So the roof is messed up.  It works. and looks okay if you squint and don't stare too long...  When I was putting it together I managed to build it backwards, and the glue was not forgiving.  I made the best of it, and I'll use it for now.

Overall I'm happy with the basics so far.  When I finish the second floor and new roof, I am sure it will look better.  If anyone is interested, I found this site with much of Tommygun's models:
Tommygun - One Drive

It's a Microsoft One Drive location, not mine, just found it on the web.

Keep wandering...
The wasteland awaits...


  1. I use scrapbook paper on some of buildings too dude, great wallpaper. ;-)

    1. It's so easy to use, scrapbook paper is a great resource.

  2. Good addition to your building collection and I know what you mean about thin doorframes - one of the reasons I gave up havig opening doors on by card-builds.