Monday, July 11, 2016

Fun in the Desert

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I just got back from an extended vacation in the southwest USA.  My wife and I flew to Las Vegas and drove to visit my brother's family (we met our new niece!) in Sacramento, CA.  We stopped by Death Valley as well as Lake Tahoe.  I took a few pictures, some of which I figured might be interesting...

McCarran Airport Welcomes us to Las Vegas...

North of Las Vegas we passed to the west of a military base.  For being so secret, everyone seems to know about it!
Just over those hills is Area 51...
Apparently there's aliens around?
Being Nevada, of course there's a brothel attached!
Entering Death Valley, we stopped a couple places to get some pics.  It was about 1PM and 113 degrees F (about 45 degrees C) outside.  Nice and cool!

We stopped at a ghost town just outside Death Valley as well.  It's called Rhyolite, and can be found on google maps, if you are curious.  I found the ruins interesting, I kept expecting some sort of apocalyptic survivors to emerge from the shadows!
Abandoned caboose
Great weathering on the inside!
Most of the town was just partial ruins.  Still cool and inspiring for scenery.

This used to be the bank
There were several cool buildings in ruins.  A couple felt a bit more creepy...

Graffiti in the small room.

Another day, and Lake Tahoe.  It was pretty, less inspiration for gaming, but good looking.

After a few days in Sacramento we headed back to Vegas.  Our trip took us near Edwards Air Force base, including an aircraft boneyard.  Still it was mostly desert...

Miles of this.  Sand and Cactus.
Aircraft boneyard, pretty far off.
A solar power setup.  Pretty cool to see.
We finished up back in Vegas.  The strip is pretty crazy, and goes from family fun to adults only.
From off the strip - pretty cool view
It was a fun trip, but tiring.  I'm glad to be home.  I'm planning a return to gaming once I've rested a bit.


  1. Welcome back and stunning shots!

  2. Wow some stunning places, those ruins are

    1. LOL, pre-post apocalypse. Great description of them though. I kept worrying a deathclaw was going to pop out and get me!

  3. Looks like a great time, great pictures!

    1. Thanks! It was hot, but great to see family. Made me glad to get home... :)

  4. Great phoos, thanks for sharing, surprised though that you didn't take in any of the Fallout Vegas sites (save for the air force base).

    1. I did try and catch some sites, as we drove in through Primm from California. There just isn't much out there, and a chunk of that was at the wrong time of the trip for me to explore/get any photos. Plus, Vegas is crazy!