Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dangerous Ground (Part 1)

"We should just clear out."  Brenda said, worriedly looking up the road towards the FEMA camp.  Wandering forms shambled along the road and among the debris filled fields, zombies or shocked humans was impossible to tell.  "This feels very dangerous."
Jack barked a short, humorless laugh.  "That's an understatement sweetheart.  This is downright stupid."
"Enough."  Dawn said, turning back to face the group.  "We're going to see how bad this is while it is still here, not at our house."  Dawn looked towards the camp as a smattering of gunfire echoed in the distance, catching everyone's attention.  "Sounds like someone is still alive in there.  Maybe we can help."
Dawn and company arrive at the Camp

The group is approaching the FEMA camp at Somerset.  It is afternoon of day 58, the area is ER 6, 24 zombies start on the board, and zombies appear on a 4+ from noise.  Success for this mission for Dawn is surviving, everyone else surviving and everyone exiting the board edge opposite the one the team enters from.  Everyone else is just trying to survive for a success.  If the group exits inside the fence, the next scenario will be investigating the compound, otherwise they will enter the town.

There are several special rules I am going to use for this scenario:
1.  As in the previous scenario, I am using scarce looting (I need to match two draws from the loot deck to find something) with the exception of there will be 'something' (a straight draw) in the tent marked as a first aid station.
2.  Each tent, trailer, building and some of the vehicles have black markers.  These are all treated as PEFs for when any model 'enters' or investigates the location.  None of these will move, they just count for the search.
3.  There are four markers that are "zombie generators" and marked by a d6.  Each turn that the initiative dice come up doubles a zombie will spawn at each location that is equal to or greater than the number on the marker.  There is a 1 in 6 chance that any zombies spawned will be 'special' - as the previous scenario had.  A model may reduce the number on the marker die by 1 for each activation spent in contact with the base.
4.  Any PEF resolution that results in an increase to the ER will reduce the spawn number for zombies (from 4+ to 3+, etc.).
5.  Really Tight Ammo - per the normal rules.
6.  Slightly modified "new" melee rules (my new standard house rules.)
7.  The main fence has a break in one section, this will be randomly determined when the first figure (zombie or human) reaches 6" from the fence.

The group should really just leave...

Finally getting started, the game starts with a random event, from double 4's so each zombie generator spawns a zombie.  Hopefully not a sign of things to come.
Not the worst that could happen
 A barricaded/locked door is the random event.  There's not many options, rolling off between them, it seems the front doors of the liquor store are securely barricaded. 
These doors are secured.
Resolving initiative, the zombies go first.  The PEFs move around a bit, but nothing moves into contact.  The zombies shamble forward and the team has to decide how to deal withe the horde.
Here comes the horde
"Ha!"  Jack yelled as he fired his SMG until it clicked.  "Awww, man!  Empty!"
Dawn stepped forward and fired her pistol into the mass of zombies, watching two lifeless bodies flop to the pavement.  "Reload!"  She yelled, looking at the zombies falling around the group.  "Brenda!  Be careful!"
Brenda ran past with her spear held tight.  "I've had it with these things!"  She yelled, charging ahead.
Brenda charges the zombie
Brenda passes her brown pants check and charges the lone zombie left from the group of five.  She wins melee easily (rolling 6d vs 3d).  All the shooting (14 shots) spawn more zombies than were killed (8).  At this rate, the group will be overrun in no time.  If they are going to move forward, time for a plan...
More zombies appear
"Head for the liquor store!"  Dawn yelled, pointing with her machete.  "We'll swing around the back - that front gate should hold them back!"
"What if the back is as secure as the front?"  Joyce asked, loading her shotgun.
Dawn looked up the road before replying.  "We'll just make it up from there."
Dawn charges some zombies
The group is trying to get to the liquor store to get off the street.  I'm hoping to limit the number of zombies that can attack and more easily use guns.  I normally don't have gunfire inside attract zombies outside the building, and with how easily zombies are appearing, I need to limit the chances to spawn more.

Dawn easily handles the zeds (7d vs 4d) before being charged by 2 more.  Tina also gets charged, and after a round of being tied, she wins (rolling 5d vs 3d).  The new melee rules make it a bit more touch and go, even with a 2 die advantage, plus a free success, Tina still tied the first round.  That made things a bit scary.
Things are getting dicey
Two more zombies spawn from the three shots.  At least Jack manages to reload his SMG (he passes 1d, the next out of ammo is it for his SMG this game).  Eric has been firing each turn, but his rep of 2 is making it difficult to hit anything.
Zombies everywhere!
Two PEFs move towards the group.  First is the PEF in the store, it decides to leave and moves to contact.
What now?
Dawn paused, looking at the rear of the liquor store.  Slowly the back door swung open, she could imagine it creaking like a horror movie.  A shadow passed across the alley, but nothing came out of the store.  "Looks clear..." She muttered as everyone else yelled from the parking lot.
"More zombies in the street!"  Brenda yelled.  "Let's go!"

The PEF turns out to be "something out there" so instead of the ER increasing, zombies now spawn on a 3+.
A second PEF in the street
It's Zombies!
Everyone legs it to the store, Tina taking a couple of shots as they start running.  Once they get to the store, Joyce fires her shotgun to help cover the move.  Jack and Dawn head into the store to clear it out...
Heading towards the store
Dawn and Jack check inside
"Whew, what a smell."  Dawn said as she stepped into the dark liquor store.  Dawn looked around the small store, broken bottles were strewn across the cheap tile floor.  "Smells like Miller time."
"You know what I say when it's Miller time?"  Jack said with a grin, turning to face Dawn.  Before he could continue, a scrape and crash of glass told them they were not alone.
"Look out!" Dawn yelled as zombies shambled from the shadows to attack.
Zombies fill the shop
I check for zombie surprise, we move right to melee.  I'm not sure how to handle a mixed melee under the new rules - it says all the zombies that can, will fight.  With two humans and six zombies, I figure I can go with an even split.  Dawn handles her three pretty easily (7d vs 5d) killing them in two rounds of fighting.  Jack (5d vs 5d) ties for two rounds, kills two in round three and finally wins in round 4.  Another round and he would have to check for infection.
The zombies mill about
Real life gave me a break, I had to step away from the game and lost track of the turn.  The zombies end up not moving this turn, though I believe they were supposed to.  Oh well.
Joyce, Tina and Eric watch the horde shamble towards them
Will the liquor store turn out to be a safe move, or a big trap?  The game continues...


  1. What a cracking first instalment, it is all going to be about the liquor store - best of luck.

    1. Given what they have been through a stop at the liquor store might be appropriate! Glad you liked it.

  2. Just like something from the walking dead.

    1. Hopefully we have a good conclusion. Thanks!

  3. Hugely entertaining, exciting and poised on a knife edge!

    1. Happy to hear you enjoyed the start! We'll see where they end up from here.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! The next installment is on its way soon.

  5. Nice 'Cliffhanger' for the end of this episode.
    How do you feelabout the new melee rules and doallyour rounds of meleeoccur in a single turn so that no melees continue fromone turn to another ?

    1. I didn't try for a cliffhanger... It does work as one though.

      The new melee rules are pretty good. They take a bit of getting used to compared to previous versions. All the rounds take place in one turn, there is no continuing from one turn to the next. In a way I miss that, although it made it messy. With a bit of proper planning, one should be able to limit the number of zombies they face on any given turn. Previously you had to worry about too many piling in on subsequent turns, but now you have a good chance to move/shoot/whatever before more melee. Having to test for infection does balance it out pretty drastically though. Hence I don't have the humans check until after they have fought in a number of rounds (in any single combat)or if they loose any round.

  6. Awesome part 1. I have to admit that Liquor store looks grand indeed!

    1. Thanks! It turned out better than I expected, but it still needs some more detail work, plus a second floor and roof that fits...

  7. Aargh - don't go into a building with only one way out. You'll be trapped!

    Looking forward eagerly to the next installment...

    1. You know, I didn't think about that after the front gate being secured. That is a pretty basic horror rule to break!

      Part 2 is on the way!