Sunday, December 18, 2016

Going Rogue! (No Spoilers)

Happy Holidays to everyone, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  It's been a crazy couple of months, and I have been slacking on the hobby front.  I've got a batrep to write up plus some minor projects to share.  I am hoping to get some time once all the family matters are done!

As the title suggests, I did manage to see Rogue One.  A pretty good war film, though I expected it to be more action filled starting off.  I was glad I watched A New Hope just before seeing Rogue One.  Lots of tie-ins, some minor, some pretty big.  I enjoyed the movie, I'd like to see more Star Wars movies along the same vein as this one.

After seeing the movie, I may be taking a short foray into Star Wars gaming.  I have X-wing and have played a little bit.  I know there are plenty of players in the area, I just have to find a league that is at the right time for me.  Curse you real life!

As I said, I'm well behind what I wanted to be doing, but I am working to get back to regular posting.

Stay safe and Happy Holidays!


  1. Great to hear that you are managing to get some hobby related thoughts sandwiched into the real life. I must get to see Rouge One, sounds like a blast.

  2. Look forward to the forthcoming batrep dude ;-)

  3. Good to see you're still active, be though it in a restrained fashion.
    Have a good holiday and we'll be looking forward to more posts in the future.