Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Quick Stop

"Slow down."  Dawn said, pointing to the right as Jack drove the black sedan past several orange construction barrels.  "That looks like a county service building over there."
Slowing down the car, Jack looked to the right where a large detour sign was posted, a small side road branched off, with what looked like a large garage or two tucked away behind the trees.  "It does look like somethun."  He gave a short grunt.  "We still need gas, I 'spose we should check it out."
Dawn considered the road, looking around at the trees and a burned out truck.  "Let's walk up there, leave the car on the road.  We can get away fast if we find any trouble."
Shutting off the car, Jack laughed.  "If!"

It is afternoon of day 60, Jack and Dawn have just left the farm area where they found the car they are driving.  They need to find more fuel so they can continue the trip east towards Ella's farm.  Driving along country roads they have found a county maintenance/equipment building.  The area is rural ER 3, with 2 zombies and 3 PEFs.  I am using very tight ammo and my scarce looting rules.  There is a chance for any vehicles found to have fuel, per the normal rules and they will be searched and checked for occupants as a building, with a draw from the Risks and Rewards deck.

Jack and Dawn stop on the road
As the game started, the nearest PEF moved up.  Dawn decides to charge up the road at the lone zombie standing in the highway.  I figure Jack and Dawn can make their way through teh trees towards the buildings.
Something moves closer
 As the wind came up from the west Dawn heard a rustle and crunch of gravel nearby.  Looking at the fence she couldn't see anything unusual.  Something didn't feel right and she looked back up the road at the undead businessman shambled along the road.  Deciding quickly, Dawn gripped her machete and ran in front of the car towards the zombie.  "Let's clear the road and check the trees!"  She yelled as she ran past Jack.
Dawn charges the lone zed
 Dawn easily finishes the single zombie.  She rolls 7 dice to the zombies 3 dice.  Single combat like this isn't too much risk, but with this being a rural area, I should just shoot instead, there is only a 1 in 6 chance of a zombie appearing from a gunshot.
Jack and Dawn in sight of the tent
Two of the PEFs close on Jack and Dawn the next turn.  They are caught in the road when the PEFs come within sight and are resolved.
PEF moves past the truck...
...and is 3 zombies!
Jack looked nervously into the nearby trees.  He could see shadows moving between the trunks and scattered brush.  He checked and rechecked his SMG.  "I think something is out there."  He said as a metal thump sounded behind him.
"It's just your nerves..."  Dawn replied, trailing off as she turned to see three zombies stumble around the ruined truck.
PEF raises the ER by 1.  Something is out there!
Okay, I had those out of order, but that really doesn't matter in the bigger scheme of things.  The zombies activate and charge Dawn. 
Zombie charge!
Dawn takes one shot as she is charged.  She misses.  The resulting melee goes only one round, thanks to poor rolling by the zombies.
Dawn misses her shot.
The dice go well for Dawn!

Just like that, the road is empty
Dawn shook the gore off of her machete, dark globs splattering the street. The now dead zombies were piled in the road around her.  The sudden silence after the violence was shocking and a bit disconcerting.  Taking a deep breath, she took a moment to calm down after the fight.
"Damn girl."  Jack said, looking around nervously.  "I think I'm in love."
Shaking her head Dawn gave Jack a stern look.  "Let's just check those buildings."
Dawn and Jack move into the parking lot
The last zombie slowly shambles towards the survivors
Over the next few turns, Dawn and Jack check the green sedan as the last zombie slowly stumbles towards them.
The car still has fuel!
 Checking the green sedan, they find three units of fuel still in the tank.I mark it with a gas can.
Still getting closer
Dawn looked down the driveway and saw the undead woman still shuffling closer.  The zombie was covered in blood and gore, turning it's white sundress to a hellish red and purple.  It's lifeless eyes were fixed on Dawn and Jack, and it's hands spasmed as it moved ever closer.
"I'm going to take care of that zombie."  Dawn said to Jack as he stood up out of the car, holding a charger cord for some phone.  He looked at the zombie and back at Dawn.  "Okay, sure.  I'll check around for anything else."
Dawn moves to take out the zombie
Dawn handles the lone zombie easily, 7d vs 3d with one success makes one overconfident in these situations...  Meanwhile Jack searches a nearby vending machine.
Exact change only?
Dawn moves back up and the pair check the nearby tow truck.  It is out of fuel, but Jack manages to find some food.  The last PEF moves up closer, just behind the nearby trees.
What's out there?
"Ha!  Jackpot!"  Jack whooped from the cab of the tow truck.  He held a plastic grocery bag still bulging with canned food.  "Looks like we got some vittles!"
"Hang on."  Dawn gestured with her pistol towards the trees.  "I think something is over there."
Jumping down, Jack stuffed the food in his backpack and checked his SMG.  "Let's check it out!"
Dawn checks out the PEF...
Dawn stepped around the trees, the sharp crack of a broken stick echoing in front of her.  Four shambling forms of zombies moving through the brush moved around the trees.  Almost as one, their attention turned to Dawn standing in the grassy clearing.  Aiming her pistol she yelled for Jack.  "Zombies!  Jack Get over here!"
Dawn and Jack shoot up the zombies
Dawn and Jack fire, killing one zombie each.  The shots do not spawn any more zombies but the next turn the zombies win initiative and charge the survivors.  Dawn elects to go to melee, while Jack fires his SMG, killing the zombie attacking him.
Jack kills one before Dawn fights in hand to hand
Dawn wins her combat, but it gets close...
Too close for comfort.
Dawn looked around after the zombie collapsed to the ground.  The highway was clear again and the summer sun was high in the sky.  "We should check those buildings before it gets too late."
Jack reloaded his SMG and looked around the road.  "Sounds good to me!"
Back to check the buildings
As they enter the building, I get a random event.
Doesn't that just figure.
Rolling randomly, I find out Jack's SMG is broken.  Luckily he has a pistol for a backup, but that stinks, it was nice having his higher ROF.  After this game I may have Dawn and Jack trade weapons, I'll see how it works out.
Why look, a zombie!
 Dawn and Jack find a single zombie in the garage as they enter.  They win the zombie surprise with no problem, and Dawn moves straight to hand to hand.  She kills the zombie easily.  They search the building and find nothing.
The second room is empty, and a search reveals nothing.  Disappointing, but at least it's not a bad result.  The pair leave the warehouses, checking the small office before heading for the final garage.
Small office, not much to find.
Next the pair move to the nearby garage.
More survivors!
Dawn and Jack moved to the small brick garage, still hopeful of finding something else useful.  "Maybe we'll find another SMG for you!"  Dawn joked with Jack as they reached the door.
"Do you mean like this?"  A young woman said from the doorway, brandishing a submachine gun of her own.  "We don't want any trouble.  Just leave us alone!"
Jack stopped and held up his hands.  "Whoa.  Let's all be calm here."
Dawn added quickly "No trouble!  we're just looking for supplies."  Dawn looked through the window and saw an older black woman behind the girl.  "Maybe we can help each other out?"
After a moment, Dawn saw the two women relax a bit.  "My name is Traci, this is Beckie."  Traci gestured to the black woman brandishing a shotgun.  "What do you have in mind?"
Meet and Greet goes very well!
The garage has two rep 5 survivors.  We go to meet and greet, and Dawn gets a great roll.  Looks like she has made two new friends!  Traci is armed with an SMG and has Agile.  Beckie has a shotgun and is Dim.  Both being Rep 5 is a huge plus.  It looks like Dawn has a decent chance to get back to the farm now!

They search the garage and manage to find food.  I'm not going to get greedy, they load up the fuel and food and head back to the car.  Time to move on.
Traci, Jack, Dawn and Beckie
On a side note, I hope this will be the start of more regular posting again.  Real world issues and family visits around the holidays really hit my time hard.  No excuses, just reasons.  Things have settled down though, and it should be easier to get my game time in.

Happy New Year to everyone!


  1. What a result! Food, fuel and friends! Great batrep as always dude

    1. Thanks! It was nice to have a short game to get back into things!

  2. What a great way to start the New Year.

    1. Happy New Year! Hopefully your year gets off to a great start as well!

  3. Great to have you back and great to see Team Dawn enjoying some good luck for once..

    1. Thanks, I hate when the real world cuts into hobby time. It was hopefully a good omen of things to come for Team Dawn!

  4. Great aar, very enjoyable and imo a huge success for Dawn.
    Nice to see ou ack in the sway too, so to speak; real life does have an unfortunate habit of ruining hobby time!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Z! finding 2 more survivors was an awesome but of luck. we will see if they stick around...

      I am hopeful this is a sign of things getting back to normal! Real life stinks sometimes, but you gotta pay the bills somehow!

  5. It's wonderful to see these reports again! And that mission seems to have gone pretty well, with many positives and only a very minor setback :-) .

    1. Thanks! I'm glad to be back posting again. It did go well, and getting two more survivors more than makes up for the loss of one SMG, I think.