Thursday, December 4, 2014

Happy Holidays!

If only there was a tank...
Last weekend was Thanksgiving here in the US, and I spent time with family.  I wanted to take a moment and extend holiday greetings to everyone who stops by the blog.  (Even you lurkers!)  This time of year, it's always a time for family and friends, and I count many of the fine folks I have met through my blog and online as friends.

To everyone, my best wishes for the coming year!  I hope it is a healthy and happy year for you all!

Now, there is still a few fun things for this posting.
Festive Christmas Village...
First our Christmas village setup.  It seems to have crossed over with Last Night on Earth.  Pesky zombies just won't stay in the game room...
Meets Last Night on Earth!
The village is a random mix of second hand ceramic buildings from unknown manufacturers.  The vehicles and villagers are Lemax (and some have appeared in my campaign.)  There are some figures from some really cheap manufacturer (found at the Dollar General store.)  My wife is a good sport and has gotten a good chuckle out of the display.  Looks like I get to keep it!

Beyond that, I have completed two minis for the campaign.  These will be Allens wife and daughter.  I don't recall if I had named them, but I have decided on Olivia for his wife and Maya for his daughter.
Maya and Olivia
Both minis are from Wargames Factory Apocalypse Survivors: The Women.  They are pretty much straight builds, Olivia has one hand throwing a grenade/pipe bomb and is armed with a SMG, she also has a bag of pipe bombs on her back (you'll have to trust me, my photo skillz are lacking!)  Maya is the little girl build from the sprue, with a helmet head (instead of the bow) and the pistol removed and replaced with a large knife.

One slight issue I have with the Wargames Factory figures is there are a few figures that are not very flexible in their builds.  The children (both men and women sets) have basically two heads, and the girl's heads are very specific (bow in hair or helmet.) They both also have only one set of arms that fit well, which requires some work if you want different weapons.  You can try some of the other heads, but I found they looked too big.

Hopefully Allen will get to see them shortly in the campaign...


  1. Happy Holidays to you too dude!
    Nice survivors.

    1. Thanks! I think we'll get to see the girls in action soon.

  2. Belated Thanksgivings greetings! I do like the two new survivors you've made. You are right about the arms for the young girl. I wanted mine holding a tennis racket and to snip a bit off her arms at the shoulders to make them fit.

    1. Early Christmas greetings!

      I had to play around with the girl's arms to get them to look right as well. I still love the miniatures, I just wish some of them were more flexible.

  3. I think us Brits are trying to copy the Black Friday thing with only limited casualties; but I hope you had a good Thanksgiving.
    Always good to have a few more survivours and even better that they're female.

    1. Ha! That's too bad, I'd hope some places could avoid the madness that is black friday. It is a fun time to go watch crazy people, but my word, it is a ridiculous reaction to buying stuff.

      The dice have not been kind, I have had a large number of male survivors show up, and much fewer women it seems. Hopefully that changes...

      Thanks, and I hope the holiday season treats you well also!

  4. Good Thanksgiving to you and thanks for your fantastic stories.
    I must agree with you : The big bad point of wargames factories survivors is their lack of flexibility!

    1. Thank you! I hope the season finds you safe and happy!

      I still love the extras and the figs, but I agree, the lack of flexibility for some of the figs is a pain.

  5. Happy Holidays! Great looking layout. I really wish more stores in the UK would stock the lemax stuff it would be great fro my Victorian games. Nice work with the new survivors. Yeah I bought the male set and found it frustrating to put bits together. Mainly because I wanted a certain look or weapon.

    1. Happy Holidays to you as well!

      The Christmas Village was fun to turn on its side this year. It's too bad you can't get the Lemax stuff (tho it is of inconsistent quality - some good, some bad) if you can find it there is also a company called Department 56 that has some good stuff. I believe they have a Dickens themed set even, which would be great for Victorian era scenery.

      At least customizing the survivors is fairly easy for most of them. It's too bad they couldn't go with torso/leg sets instead of whole bodies, and either empty hands (to add weapons to) or more varied weapons in hands. At least some, to give some options.