Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Scenery: Ruined High-Rise WIP

I normally try and post scenery after I have finished it.  I am going to try and publish more WIP posts this year, as an attempt to make me actually finish things...

This building is based on a toy parking garage I found at a second hand store.  It is originally from Toys R Us (based on marking on the bottom).  Rather than trying for a parking garage (it is made for Hot Wheels/Matchbox scale cars) I figure on it being a decent ruined office building or some such structure.
Toy as I found it
Some base coating, and a base
I mounted the building on a piece of hardboard I had that was a good size for this project.  As I look at the building, the main beams have a worked steel look about them.  I am planning on painting this as iff most of the floors have collapsed in some areas, leaving a skeleton for the ruin.
Some rubble added
Some texture on the base
These are still early in the building process.  I want to add some stairs, as if the emergency staircase that was now exposed.  
A bit like this
 I gave everything a heavy black wash, and will need to go back over and add details and ddrybrush to pull out some textures.
Ruined Front
I want to add stairs back here
So it still needs a bunch of detail work, and as I said I want to add some stairs.  I may add some shanties to the top level, and debris to all the floors.  Overall I am just looking to have a ruined building to help fill the table.  This won't be a great terrain piece, but should look okay for a ruined cityscape.


  1. That looks really good. You wouldn't think it was the same toy by the end. Just shows what a great paint job can do!!

  2. Looks the part to me- I like the idea of having rubbish, wreckage and other stuff on the different floors. I especially like the idea of an abandoned shanty town on the top floor- a few abandoned tents etc, representing a survivor groups attempts at safety!

    Adding that sort of stuff should make it look less like the original toy too. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  3. Thats great work..... looks soo real.

  4. Great work Steve! Way to repurpose an old toy dude!

  5. Simple, effective, good looking....
    Love it!
    Well done!

  6. Very nice use of second hand cheap toys. The final results match the expectations.

  7. Very nice use of second hand cheap toys. The final results match the expectations.

  8. I like they way you think ! The toy became in a odel with a little work, now that's impressive, as is your thinking about the bits of detail that you're going to add.

  9. Colour me impressed, Steve! That has all the makings of a great piece of scenery. I can't wait to see the finished product.