Sunday, December 7, 2014

Used Cars (Part 1)

"There is a used car lot just a few blocks from my house."  Allen was saying as the group moved through the streets.  "Let's check out what's there.  Maybe we can find a car or truck for us to get back out of town.  We're going to need another vehicle, even if we get the pickup truck."
"Good point."  Mark added.  "We need to be able to get out of town in a hurry.  You guys still want to come along?"
"Hell yes!"  Larry said quickly.  "Anywhere with fewer of these things is better.  I'd like to be able to sleep at night without worrying so much."
"It should be just ahead."  Allen said, looking back at everyone.  "Mike, you might want to put your tablet away."
"I've got satellite images of the area.  I'd hate to run down the wrong way and get trapped."  Mike said, tucking his tablet into his messenger bag.  "I'm paying attention though."
"Hopefully we can get out of here soon."  Kelly said, shifting her shotgun around.  "Larry is right, a safe place to stay is what we need."
"Well, it looks like we'll need to fight some of the zombies before we get much farther"  Mark said, hefting his bat.

This scenario is focused on the used car lot, located roughly in the center of the board.  Three cars have to be searched and then the group has to exit the opposite board.  They are not going to take a vehicle, this is just to try and locate a usable vehicle for when they are going to leave town.

As i mentioned in the previous scenario, I rolled 2d6 to determine if agents from Phoenix Techsystems would attempt to retake their missing medical bag.  I rolled two successes, which meant they would show up.  I determined they would be one of the PEFs, randomly marked the bottom of the base and then put out the markers.  In addition, just to make it interesting, I will roll versus each of the new members rep, if they get successes for all (3 or 4 dice) they will try and help the agents, to go back to the company's protection.  The roll will happen when the agents appear (if they do - I might not trigger all the PEFs!)

It is still morning on Day 29.  The ER is 5, 3 PEFs and 26 zombies are on the board.  The group gets to pick it's entry point, and I choose near a fast food place.  They will charge onto the board and engage the nearest zombies straight away.
Starting setup
Everyone starts out
I had forgotten how big of a pain the citizen brown pants rule could be.  At least the new survivors could shoot without much problem.  I have my survivors (Mark, Dawn, Mike) charge in first, and Allen dispatches his zombie, while Mark and Dawn merely knock their opponents down.  Not the most auspicious beginning.
It could be worse.
With the zombies down, I try and get the civilians to charge.  Only Kelly fails the brown pants check, and hangs back.  Everyone else moves up and melees the zombies lying on the pavement.  Larry is the only one who can't seem to catch a break, and doesn't kill his zombie.
The civvies get some hits in.
The zombies move, and Mark just knocks down the one as it tries to get up and fight him.  What a pain!  Most of the zombies move up, but a couple of groups are beyond 24" from the fighting, and I rule they just mill about where they are (I am being a bit lazy, not wanting to move a bunch of them randomly...)
Zombies start to close in
"Hey did you see that out there?"  Nadine asked Dawn in a hushed voice.  "I thought I saw something by that garage!"
"I don't know, I didn't see anything.  There seems to be a ton of zombies out here though!"  Dawn was worried, and it sounded in her voice.  "This may have been a bad idea."
"Maybe we should get off the street, and let the zombies settle down or something?"  Nadine offered, not believing it herself.  "We could sneak by them or something later."
"I just hope its just zombies we have to deal with."  Dawn replied, looking around at the buildings nervously.
PEFs move closer
The next turn starts out with all the PEFs moving closer to the group.  From the left, PEF 5 moves to the front of the store, still in cover.  PEF 4 crosses a fence just at 24" from Nadine, which activates it.  It turns out to be an increase to the ER, making it a 6.  PEF 3, moves out of the store and this day just got worse...
The gang's all here!
Ambush from the rooftop
"Hey!  Throw down yo shit and we let you go"  A shout echoed out from the roof, along with weapons being loaded and cocked.  "Just walk away, we's gots you dead-bang!"
Mark looked up at the gang members on the roof.  One had a shotgun, the rest had pistols, and they were all pointed right down at the group.  "These dead-heads are too close!  We'll be killed!"  He yelled back, dropping his hand to his SMG.
"We don'a care 'bout dat!  Drop yo' shit and go!"  Shotgun man seemed to be in charge.  "Time's wastin', we could just kill ya and take it!"
"Alright, alright!"  Mark yelled back.  "Then take it!"  He brought up the SMG and fired.

The two PEFs were not the agents.  I almost wish one had been.  The nearest turned out to be 8 gangers.  I ruled that the PEF didn't leave the building, it was just the gang springing their trap.  I got lucky, the gang has relatively low reps and are only armed with pistols, and one lone shotgun.  For the meet and greet I get one success, versus three.  The gang decides to walk the walk.

My checks go really well, Mark gets all five of his possible and will go first.  The gang settles in with a couple of 3's (including the shotgun fig) and then 2s and 1s.  Mike and Kelly fail their brownpants rolls, and duck back before the shooting starts.  Damn, I could have used Kelly's shotgun!
Mark kills the shotgun
Remaining in sight scores
Gunfire echoed through the silent streets, as if a storm had suddenly come up.  Bullets whizzed and tinged around the group, chipping up the pavement and thudding into the nearby building.  Allen let out a groan as he was hit multiple times.  Screams and moans could be heard from the roof as shots hit their targets from the team.  As quickly as it had started, it was over.
"Allen!"  Dawn screamed.  "Allen is down!"
Looking around, Mark knew the noise would bring a swarm of zombies.  "Into the store, now!"
After the shootout
Allen was knocked down, and went OOF.  A total of 32 gunshots were fired, and with zombies appearing on 4+, this was going to be trouble.  I figured the best move was into the nearby fast food place, at least that should slow the zombies down as they come through the doors and windows...
Mark goes in first and finds a lone zed
I have everyone pile into the Arby's, Dawn carrying Allen off the street.  I don't have a detailed interior, but I do have windows marked, and the group draws line of sight to the last PEF...
At least they are off the street
Company agents appear!
Mark could see an odd marked Hummer sitting on the street.  Several people got out, one black man in a trench coat drew out a large sword and proceeded to cut down several zombies.  An Asian woman in a skin tight black latex outfit jogged past, towards Mike and Kelly.  Incongruously, a man in a fine black suit accompanied each as they moved about.
"Give me that case!"  Mike yelled at Kelly.  "I am taking it and getting off the street!"
"What the hell!  Mike what are you doing?"  Kelly yelled back as Mike grabbed the straps of the medical kit they had found.  "How do you even know they will take you back?"
"I led them here!  That was the deal, I'm sleeping safe and sound tonight!"  Mike yelled and swung his bag at her head.  Kelly ducked, and held onto the medical bag.
"You're crazy!  You can't trust them!"  She yelled as they struggled.

The agents are all quite tough.  The leader (the Heroscape figure Agent Carr, looking all Morpheus from the movie Matrix) is rep 6, everyone else is rep 5.  They all have BAP with suppressors, which reduces noise generation by 1.  All have body armor (so are protected) and communicators, tasers, batons, plus will not suffer from tight ammo.  They are here to get the bag (and Mike, he is the only one who passed the 'turn traitor' check) get to their hybrid Hummer (currently running on electric power, generating no noise) and leave by any board edge.  They will kill anyone who attacks them with deadly force, although they will try and incapacitate anyone who is in the way of getting to the bag.

The agents get predictable results.  The pair near the truck clear out the zombies easily.  The other pair charge Kelly, who passes her brown pants roll (not sure if it mattered or not) and easily win melee, incapacitating her and taking the medical kit.  Mike will now activate with the agents.
When you look that cool, things just go your way.
Agents recover the bag
Meanwhile, the remaining gangers fail their man down rolls, and high-tail it for the nearest board edge.  They can't quite make it in one turn.  Zombies are hot on their heels...
So close to leaving
The zombies close in
Two zombies foolishly charge the agents at the hummer.  They are easily dispatched.  Most of the zombies are close to the back of the store, and one is just about to come through the door.  Time to see how many more appear from the gunfire!
Team Mark is surrounded!
Rolling 32 dice for zombie spawn gives me 22 zeds.  Yeah, it's that kind of day...
They're everywhere!
On the next turn, the zombies win initiative, then the agents go, then Team Mark.  At least the agents will have to deal with *some* of the zombies...
Maybe attacking from behind...
Speaking calmly into his communicator, the lead agent broadcast "Two, this is Dragon.  Wait one on transport.  Not secure."  Hefting his sword, he attacked the zombies as they charged him.
The fence doesn't hold
Mark watched as several zombies hit the fence at the car lot.  The large metal railings held the flailing figures in check.  "That fence should buy us some time.  We'll head out and run up the street and..."  Mark was cut off by the screech of metal tearing and the fence collapsing.  Zombies fell forward, piling out of the lot.
Two zombies come in the back door
Dawn saw two forms stagger through the door.  "They're inside!  Nadine watch out!"
A zombie in a tattered gas station uniform stumbled through the fast food kitchen, clawing at Nadine.  She had barely turned around when it crashed into her, clicking jaws snapping closed just inches from her face.  Shoving back Nadine tried to hit the creature in the head with her hammer.
A wave catches the gang members
Leon and Marcel were running flat out from the drug store.  "Damn man!"  Leon yelled "Those people had some serious firepower!"
"Just keep moving!  We need to get as far..."  Marcel was cut off as zombies closed in around the pair.  "They're all over the place!  Get 'em!"
Three hit Mike from behind
Agent Lin heard the message from her leader, Agent Carr.  "We will need to wait a moment before we get to the truck."  She said.  "You will get in back and keep quiet."  She said to Mike.
From around the corner, three zombies staggered out, crashing into the back of Mike.  "Gahhhh!  You have to help me!"  He screamed as the zombies attacked.

Whew!  There is a ton going on!  I must admit the wave of zombies appearing when it did certainly ramped up this scenario.  Now how do things turn out...


  1. Wow exciting batrep so far! I thought the group were going to be toast when the gang appeared! No it seems to be the least of there problems which are many!

    1. The gang being mostly rep 2 and 3 helped a ton. The gangers needed 5's and 6's to hit at best. They still managed to almost kill Allen, which would have been unfortunate. The wave of zombies really made me pause when it happened!

  2. Awesome start to my morning, thank you kindly ;P

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Look for part 2 during the week!

  3. Urk! This is shaping up to be a very bad day for the heroes, I think. Hordes of zombies, corporate ninjas, traitors, gangers...what else could go wrong?

    1. This part of the day should be over soon enough. We'll see what kind of shape they are in for the final push.

  4. Heck, that was just so much fun! I can't wait for part two. Oh, and Mike deserves to be torn apart by a horde of zombies. I'm just saying.

    1. It started out pretty bland, but it turned into a frenetic zombie fest!

      Bryan, you are pretty harsh on some of the characters, first Ben now Mike. Not that I disagree, traitorous git should get his!

  5. Great batrep dude! The shit has truly hit the fan. Let's hope they make out, at least some of them anyway.

    1. This game definitely had that out of the frying pan and into the fire feel. It did make the game pretty fun!

  6. Action packed as usual, with the added problem of all the gunfire ! It'll be very interesting to see how this all pans out.
    As an aside, I too let my zombies, that are not in LOS of humans and further than 24" from them, "mill about", i.e. they don't move.

    1. Yeah, unless there is a need, I like to have 'distant' zombies just hang out, rather than wander so much. It's just a hassle...

      I know shooting is the best way to deal with zombies, but in a city I worry about bringing in more zeds than I kill. It's a tough balance to figure out...

  7. These agents are damned good. Poor Mike who believed in easy salvation.

    1. The agents need to be good, they need to operate on their own... I also figured the tougher they are, the less likely the group would be to attack them...