Sunday, December 20, 2015

Scenery: Street Lights and a Billboard

A real quick project, this is a 4 pack of Street lamps from JTT model parts.  I found them at a model railroading/scale model shop and figured they would make a decent addition to any tabletop.  The lights are pretty simple, and are the "T" shape that is pretty common everywhere (at least in the USA).
Ready to work
I snagged 4 steel slugs to use as bases, they would be heavy enough to keep the lights from tipping over.  They presented a couple of problems, not the least of which was actually mounting the posts to the bases.  I changed my mind from the steel slugs and switched to a standard 30mm base from some Dark Heaven miniatures I didn't have any use for.
Poles mounted on the bases
Textured filler
The bases have a recessed top, and I fill this in with a spackle compound I use for finishing my bases.  It is easy to give a concrete finish to.  After basing, I give them a basic paint job.  The posts are a dark brown/black and the base is finished like concrete.  Pretty simple and quick.

Finished lights
Dawn shows the scale
JTT has other products, and I plan on trying out some of their other offerings.  If you are looking for reasonably priced modern street accessories, you could do a lot worse than these.
Part of the Christmas clearance at Menards (a DIY store mostly in the midwest US) were these Lemax billboards.  They come with an advertisment for Menards paint, which would be fine, but they are easy to customize.  I have customized one with an ad for an online game/geek product site.
The original billboard
Some paint, a bit of flock, a heavy black wash and the winter theme is easily changed.  I just added a business card from a recent game order (More Kittens in a Blender if I recall correctly...)
New ad for the board
Dawn checks out the advertisement
I have a couple more billboards, once I find some good artwork, I plan to convert them as well.  Finding them on sale makes them pretty cost effective for quick conversion.  I may grab some more if I see them.

Between Star Wars and starting Fallout 4, I didn't get much done this weekend... 


  1. Two cracking finds and really well done.

  2. Great finds dude! Fallout really can eat up all your hobby time, from someone who knows first hand.

  3. Excellent I may have to get some of these they'll come in useful in a couple of my games!

  4. The lights look great I'd already decided I wouln't be having streetlights (I'd be knocking them over all the time) but the billboard has to be one of THE best finds I've seen- congratulations on the scenics - they're both excellent additions to your already gret scenery.