Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Burned!

More zombies!  Well, a few more anyway.  During Zomtober, I painted three "George" zombies from Dark Heaven Bones.  As I painted them, an idea occurred to me to make them look like they had been burned.  Mostly because they have just some rags on, and not much detail.  I had already painted them as 'normal' zombies, so I shelved the idea for the future.
A Walking Dead inspiration
I found another pack of "George" zombies, then I managed to find a second pack from the Bones line of zombies, with (in my opinion) a goofy hand waving pose.  They will work for what I want though.  Some quick advice for painting the Bones figs, make sure to wash them.  You should always prep figs with a quick wash anyway to get rid of mold release residue and such, but I figured I'd mention it.
"Zombie" being prepped
After primer, I did a basecoat of bright red on all the skin areas.  Then did dry brushing of various shades of red oxide and dark grey up to black.  After the black, I did a bit of white/grey just to bring out some detail.
Basic colors
I was pretty happy with the results.  The deeper red color came through the darker burn/ash colors, much like I had wanted.  The bright red shows up pretty well, and on the tabletop, you can actually see it.  Close up it doesn't look quite as nice, but good enough for play.  After I did the first zombie, I went ahead with the remaining figs.
Red Skin base
Red covered with grey/black
The rags the zombies are wearing are bit more difficult to paint up, I tried painting them as if they had burned, but it just looks too sloppy.  Instead, I picked some generic colors and just go with it.
Who wants candy?
Just shorts?
Overall the effect is pretty much what I wanted, I may go back and add some details to the bases, maybe some burned/melted details to reinforce the idea that these zombies had been hit with a flamethrower or just caught in a fire somewhere.
Shambling hand wavers
They could be drawing pistols...
Dawn checks out the new zeds
 Thanks for looking, comments always welcomed!


  1. That's a great idea and works really well.

  2. I like it, tricky one with the clothes though :-/

  3. Great idea dude! Well executed too.

  4. Great idea, which you've pulled off well.

  5. Burnt zombies? They fit the description very well indeed, don't they? Nicely done!