Saturday, January 9, 2016

Rusty but Usable - Vehicles

I have a few of these die cast vehicles I have found at yard sales and second hand stores.  They all have been played with - some very destructively!  These are all Tootsie Toys, and a few of them are the same model, just different colors.

As I looked at them, they inspired a bit of Fallout feel to me, and having wasted much time on Fallout 4 recently, it was easy to see them as rusty hulks.  I figured these could be some old workhorses for some survivors.  Some of these have broken parts, which made me think of wrecks first, but they could also be just well-used and worn.

All I did was clean them up and give them a heavy weathering finish.  I chose to leave whatever paint scheme was left on the original vehicle.  They all had flaking, damaged paint so it fit with the post apocalyptic feel.
Jeep and "Utility" truck
Utility truck and Ambulance (?)
Dawn gives a sense of scale
I was just wanting to get some generic vehicles I could use for some survivors, and these feel like they fit the bill.  I haven't decided if I want to customize them with armor/spikes/etc. or just use them as is.  I have a few more, I'll have to decide what to do with them.  This was a quick project to get the year started!


  1. They certainly do the job and will look great on the table too.

  2. I think leave them as they are mate, maybe convert only one. Very few survivors will have the energy/ingenuity to tool up their vehicle, unless they're the A Team (some v cool not A Team models in Studio Miniatures range....just saying lol)

  3. They look great as is, and I'd certainly be inclined to just leave them alone. They have a suitable post-apocalypse feel to them.

  4. Good additions to any PA game and they look OK with your "touch up"

  5. Well, those are certainly heavily weathered vehicles, aren't they? I could easily see these in a post-apocalyptic world, either as scenic junk or as (barely) still-running technology.