Sunday, October 4, 2015

Zomtober 2015, A Beginning

Ahh the first signs of autumn, shorter days, the leaves start to turn colors and the internet spawns zombies and survivor figs being painted!  Another Zomtober has arrived, and I'll be using it as a good excuse to put some paint on some figs.
Zomtober 2014

Last year I painted my season 1 Zombicide zombies, and started in on season 2 zombies.  I'll continue with zombies again this year, I have my season 2 Zombicide figs to finish, plus a few other zombie miniatures to paint.  Much like last year, I'm just trying to get them to decent tabletop quality - nothing outstanding.

Raw materials for 2015
I have more Zombicide figs to paint, plus some of Wargames Factory zombies and zombie vixens, a Zpocalypse set of hospital zombies and a pack of Dark Heaven Bones zombie 'George'.  This should be more than enough to keep me busy!

For the end of the first week, I only have three zombies done.  I have had to remake my zombie wash, so these are a bit of a test for my new wash as well.
First three done
More to follow...


  1. Great start to Zomtober with 3 done Nobody667. :)

  2. "Only" three? Well, I suppose that your standards are slipping when compared with last year's output :-) , but I think many viewers would be pleased with that level of progress.

  3. You've got your work cut out for you dude with that pile, good luck!

  4. Nice start, I see you have the Zombie Vixens, I'm still waiting for the box of them I ordered to arrive, good luck.

    Cheers Roger.

  5. That is pretty cool mate!

    Keep going!!

  6. Three down only two hundred and ninety seven to go!!! Great stuff and if your output is anywhere near as impressive (in both quality and quantity) as last year, then we're all in for a real treat with your postings :-)

  7. Great start dude! Nothing like zombies in their pants to kick off Zombtober. Quick question, how do the Z-pocalypse hospital zombies scale with the others?

  8. You'll have quite a horde going if you can lear that lot off - good luck with the task ahead!

  9. Crikey that a lot of zombies. Both this years and lasts.
    A nice start