Saturday, October 31, 2015

Zomtober 2015, Week 5 (Bonus time!)

It's not a full week, but the end of week one was a short week as well.  I figure being able to finish up on the days leading up to Halloween makes sense.  I had some time on a couple of evenings to try and finish off some of the zombies I had primed and started...

The remainder of the Zpocalypse Hospital Horde box were completed.
Last of the Hospital Horde
Three groups for Zombicide, season 2.  I went with green, orange and white for the 'squad' colors.
Green group
Orange is so festive!
White after Labor Day?  They are monsters!
The horde for this year turns in at 68.  Time for some group photos!
It's a Horde!
Maybe a bit colorful, but still dangerous
Some had hidden!
All together now
Ahh that was a fun Zomtober!  I'm so glad to have seen everyone who participated!  People's work was very inspiring.  I hope to get back to actual games after concentrating on painting for this past month...

Happy Halloween!


  1. Great stuff Nobody667! :)

    The minis look fantastic which is even more awesome when coupled with your volume. Kudos. :)

  2. Now that's an impressive sight, what a horde not to mention a great tally for the month.

  3. Excellent job Steve! A great months output and some really nice horde shots dude!

  4. That looks the dogs danglies great job dude!