Sunday, October 18, 2015

Zomtober 2015, Week 3

Week 3 comes to a close!  This year is going by quickly...

I have most of the Zpocalypse figs done, I have the children figs left, plus a smattering of some others, as I missed priming them...  Oops.
Undead Patients
Two in straight jackets, two nurses

The Zpocalypse figures will make for a nice hospital theme if I need it.  I managed to get one group done of the Zombicide Season 2 minis as well.  The Zombicide figs should paint up pretty quick, hopefully I'll have a chance to finish off a big chunk of them yet this month.
Four guys from Zombicide
Another four from Zombicide
That gives me 16 more zombies this week.  I suspect next week will be low, I have a business trip which will keep me out most of the week.  I'm planning my final Zomtober push in the days leading up to Halloween.  We'll see how this week goes...
This weeks horde


  1. Love the apocalypse minis, where are they from dude?

  2. Good stuff! Mind you, the next time I'm visiting a hospital I think I'll be looking around to spot these guys & gals...

  3. They look great and completing 16? Very impressive. :)

  4. Really nice job Steve! Awesome numbers too dude!

  5. These are tremendous, a great week's work.

  6. You can't helpbut love the hospital zombies dragging their stands along - all good stuff N667!

  7. Wonderful collection of shamblers. I just picked up Zpocalypse from a flea market sale on the weekend, cool to see what I can expect!