Sunday, August 24, 2014

Thanks Everyone!

First off, I want to thank everyone for their kind words, thoughts and prayers.  I really appreciate the sentiments of goodwill and sympathy.  It really helped buoy my spirits over the past couple of weeks.

I am not back 100%, as I have a TON of work to catch up on, and still have plenty of items to sort out and finalize.  The healing process has begun, and I am going to start gaming again when I have the chance.  At the very least, I will get some scenery and figs done, and get some of my projects posted.

To get started, I have a fig I had just started when everything went sideways.  It is a repaint/rebase of the Heroclix figure Domino (pictured shamelessly stolen from
Domino - 027
I think the fig is in a cool pose, and I considered a full repaint as a survivor.  I like the black latex bodysuit look though, and just touched up the harness/holsters and the flesh tones.  I have her on a Secret Weapons base (Urban Streets) which I have started using more of for my figures.
Even in the grim zombie apocalypse...
There is still room for latex bodysuits.
She meets a new friend!
In addition to the new miniature, I also did a quick ruins project.  It is made from a "false front" toy building, and just some foamcore cuts and junk from the workbench.  I only spent a couple of hours on this, its meant more as a table filler, not a show piece.
First weathering done
I skipped a bunch of painting and such (okay, I forgot to take many good pictures) and we'll move to the finished product:
Gene and Ben check out the station

Ben checks the message board
What a bunch of junk
Overhead view
I will resume the campaign soon, and start with batreps when I can.

Once again, thank you everyone, I really appreciate the support from everyone.  Hopefully things will return to normal soon.