Sunday, February 5, 2017

Scenery: Sheds and Warehouses

This is a quick post on some storage buildings, based on parts I have found recently at one of the second-hand stores in the area.

I managed to find a bunch of parts for some Ertl farm buildings, as well as some more Hot Wheels street building sets. 
Various plastic buildings
First, the Hot wheels building.  I wanted to try something a bit different with this building, I have made it into a garage or shed before.  I didn't make the top removable, so it was hard to have play on the interior.  I sawed off the top before painting or any other work.  To help with locating the roof, I added a piece of plastic card to  the front.
Top sawed off
Top with added front card
I cut a piece of hardboard for a base.  It's painted up as a concrete slab.  I just give the interior walls a quick black spray and then some touch up with a neutral brown.  It's really just to give some coverage of the bright blue.  I add a couple of plastic numbers to the front after I painted it up.  I also managed to not take many pics, so we jump to the finished product.
Front view
Jack checks the garage
Jack just inside the door
Garage door open, roof off
For the Ertl buildings, they are just straight builds.  I paint one up with a red oxide exterior and green roof.  It is mounted on a sheet of plastic card, painted to look like a concrete slab.  I keep it very thin for the red building.  There isn't much to show for in process pictures, it's just painting really.
Jack checks the warehouse
Jack in the warehouse
A look through the open doors
The other garages are still work in progress, but they will look about the same.  I haven't decided if I will grab my older small Hot Wheels garage and open the roof up like the first one I did here.  For now I will just leave it intact I believe.

If you get a chance to find any of these buildings, I definitely recommend them.  The Ertl parts can be used for larger or smaller buildings, or for ruins.  Especially if you can get them cheap.