Monday, May 16, 2016

More for the Horde

Things have been slow on the zombie apocalypse, Fallout is still draining most of my free time.  I did manage to get some more zombies painted and based.  These are all various Horrorclix, I picked them up at some online clearance sales.  Re-positioning some arms, repainting and basing them is all I had to do.
Group shot
I have three delivery men, originally in a bright green uniform.  I painted one in a USPS/FedEx blue and the other in UPS brown/yellow.  It's hard to tell, but the brown uniformed zombie had it's arm re-positioned, otherwise they are all the same pose.
Sign for the packages...
The next group is four construction workers.  I replaced one arm and re-positioned two others.  The re-positioned arms didn't want to stay very well, so they all have a very similar look.  I painted them with different shorts and pants, but they are still all more or less the same.
Someone have a hammer?
The last fig is a strong man of sorts.  He is quite large and holding a top half of an unfortunate victim.  All I did was give them some paint and a "zombie wash".  He'll make a decent 'special' if I need one, or just a scary fellow to run into.
These were hanging around my painting table, I've been working to clean the area up a bit and these were an easy project to finish.

Now, if Fallout would just be less fun...

Friday, May 6, 2016

New Survivors

In the last batrep we met Joyce, Brenda and Eric.  They are civilians, hopefully soon to become full survivors.  The two women are rep 4 and Eric is only a rep 2.  I figure at Rep 2 Eric is either old or young, I roll a 50/50 chance and he comes up as a youngster.
Brenda, Joyce and Eric
Eric is based off of a Horrorclix, the Monster Patrol, the young boy with a slingshot.  I added a bolt action rifle from the Survivors: Men set from Wargames Factory.  I did a bit of a repaint, but kept the basic colors more or less the same.
Eric in action
The business end of Eric
Eric takes aim

Joyce is a Survivors: Women build from Wargames Factory.  I added a large backpack from Secret Weapons, but otherwise she is a pretty stock miniature.
Joyce in action
Joyce looks left
Ready for action
Brenda is a Heroclix figure with a repaint and a spear from the ancient Persians sprue that was available from Wargames Factory a while back.  I had tried some more fantasy looking as well as more sci-fi looking options, but I didn't like the results.  The hand on the heroclix is a bit small for a much larger weapons, and I tried to reinforce the joint with the weapon to make it less likely to break during play.  We'll see if it lasts!

Brenda readies her spear
Brenda at the ready
Is she going to throw?
 The group together was pretty fun to make and didn't take too long.  Let's hope they last in the game!

Dawn and Jack with the new survivors (someone forgot Tina!)