Sunday, October 26, 2014

Zomtober 2014 Week Four Recap

This is the final Sunday for Zomtober, it has been a fun month!  I feel I have been pretty productive, I fell far short of my goal, but I did get quite a few zombies painted.  Technically we have until Friday, if I manage to finish any zombies by then, I will get another post up.  I am looking forward to actually getting back to continuing my ATZ campaign, with holidays coming up it will be a bit hit or miss.

This week's recap:

I finished my Season 1 figs, and finished one group of season 2.  As a bonus I did a quick repaint/rebase of a HorrorClix Executed Convict (#054, base set).  On with the show:
More Zombies!
White looks better in person
Anyone remember Fantasy Island?
White was one of the colors I chose for a group.  I know white is a tough color to utilize, but I figured the zombie wash would help, and make it easier.  I was kind of right, the white in the pictures looks much more bright than it does in person.  I know it's probably from the flash, but I don't have good light so - meh.

The season 2 figs were a fun change from the season 1, and a welcome relief!  I will continue painting them, not at the speed I was doing them for Zomtober, but I hope to get them done by 2015.  I'll throw some pics up as I finish them.  To be honest, I am looking forward to playing rather than painting in the near future - I just didn't have time for both this month!

I combined all the zombies from Zomtober for a few group shots.  Not a bad looking horde if I may say so myself!
Zomtober Horde

I have really enjoyed Zomtober, it was a great excuse to get some painting done.  Now to get these all used in some games!
All together now!
Mark needs more than a bat!
So the final tally this week is 32 Zombicide figs (24 from season 1, 8 from season 2) and 1 Horrorclix, for a total of 33 zombies painted.  My Zomtober total is 95 zombies painted.  I still have a ton of figs left to paint, but at least this made a dent in the unpainted figs pile in my house!

Thanks for everyone's encouragement this month!  It has been awesome to see what everyone has done this past month.  The zombies and survivors have been awesome to see, and the creativity of some people is unbelievable!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Zomtober 2014 Week Three Recap

So far, October has been a pretty good month!  Lots of people have some amazing zombies and survivors to see on their blogs.  As an added bonus, The Walking Dead has started up again.  Always great inspiration for the zombie apocalypse!

This week, I completed a few more Zombicide miniatures, and have the remainder of season 1 primed and ready as well as blocked in for color.  I hope to have the first season completed by the end of Zomtober, and some of season 2 completed as well.  We'll see!

This week's tally:  I finished a few groups of Zombicide figs, the remaining zombies from the Season 1 box are primed or have their block colors started.  If I can match this weeks production, I should have all my season one zombies completed by next Sunday.  As a bonus, I repainted a pair of HorrorClix, Sorority Zombie (#044 base set).

Group Shot!
Blue, Pink and Green
No sign of the living...
Hate to go sown that street...
This weeks total is 26 zombies finished.  That brings my Zomtober total to 62 zombies painted.  I have 24 left from Season 1 of Zombicide.  With some luck I can at least get some of Season 2 started, maybe even complete before Halloween.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Zomtober 2014 Week Two Recap

Week two comes to an end!  I am loving seeing everyone's zombie themed painting.  So many great ideas to steal!  This week's recap is as follows:

I had a bit of a disaster, my pot of zombie wash got spilled in my work area, and I had to clean up that mess, and remake my wash.  Not that it was that big of a deal, but it slowed me down this week.  I did manage to finish some of the zombicide miniatures.

Two batches:

Batch "blue" WIP
"Yellow" WIP
I did complete the yellow and blue groups, I did a basic wash and then drybrushed the flesh areas.  I also picked out a few details that needed to be cleaned up.  Overall I am pleased with the results, I am looking forward to finishing season 1 and moving to season 2 to see some different poses.
Yellow and Blue lined up
The horde grows!
Close up shot
These are going pretty quick, I just need to get some extra time and I think I can get Season 1 one complete and Season 2 started before the end of Zomtober!  It may be a zombie Christmas, but they should all get done...

Current WIP shot:
Next up, Green and primed
The tally for this week:  16 Zombicide minis complete.  That brings the total this month to 36 zombies, still a mountain to go.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Zomtober 2014 Week One Recap

This is the first Sunday in Zomtober, time for my first update.  I have made fair progress, I won't get everything done from my pile, but I hope to make a dent this month.

So far completed:
Survivor Mark meets the new horde...
WIP of the LNOE zombies

All 20 remaining Last Night On Earth zombies.  I had to redo two "test subjects" from September, and I finished off the third test figure (but I didn't include him in the count - he was 75% or more done already!)  They are not great, but they are tabletop ready.  I did block colors and a brown/black wash over the entire figure.  I went back with some dry brushing of the flesh, hair and some areas of clothing. 

To keep the figures usable for LNOE, I have done three different bases, one with green grass, one with a sand/brown finish and one with a plain concrete, but with blood splatters.  These will correspond to the green/brown/red groups for that game.  (The underside of the bases are not painted, so I could always look at that...)

Continuing work:
Zombicide Season 1 figs WIP

Zombicide Season 1 figs.  I have one group primed, a second group with some block colors done.  I am picking a single color to make the 'primary' color for each group.  The first color I selected is yellow, not that it won't be used again, but this should give an idea for what I have in mind for the remaining figs.

To summarize:  20 zombies completed.  About a billion to go.  (Okay more like 120 or so...)