Friday, April 20, 2018

Gas and Go!

"I don't care what you guys do on your down time, but if we have to guard prisoners and watch out for the dead, I'd like to think you're standing watch or resting if you need, not screwing in whatever bed is handy."  Dawn said from the back seat as she watched the road going by.

Jack stammered a reply as he drove swerving slightly "I uh...well we..."  He swallowed hard and blushed at Dawn's accusation.

Traci punched Jack's arm.  Turning to Dawn she replied,  "If you had wanted, you could have joined in..."  Laughing at Dawn's shocked look, Traci continued "Don't be such a prude, we're alive, we should all have fun while we can!"

Dawn shook her head, blushing slightly at the suggestion.  "I don't care what you do.  Just make sure  it doesn't take the place of what your supposed to be doing."

Jack laughed nervously "Let's not fight, ladies."  As both women shot Jack dirty looks he continued "It looks like that gas station is just ahead."
Entering the area

It is afternoon of day 71, the group has left the farmhouse and gangers behind.  They are stopping at a small country service station, hoping to find gas.  For this scenario, I am increasing the ER to 5 (from 1 for a rural scenario) but there are 2 units of fuel placed near the middle of the table.  The team can gather these just by searching where the red gas can is placed.
Gas Can Objective

There are three PEFs and 8 zombies on the board to begin with.  The gas can is located in the back of the silver pickup truck parked next to the gas pumps.  The group enters on the road, Jack driving.  My plan is to drive as close as possible to the gas station and grab the fuel and drive off.  Easy peasy.
Just a short drive in the country
Things start quiet, I just keep moving towards the gas station.  The first turn the zombies don't activate, and I decide on the next turn to stop a bit short and start clearing them out.
Time to get into action!
Dawn hopped out of the car, pulling out her machete as she ran towards the zombies.  "Let' get at 'em!"
Jack stepped out of the driver's door, firing his SMG at a pair of zombies in the road.  One fell as a bullet tore through its rotten head.  "Ha!  One down!"
Traci started to follow Dawn, but had her shot blocked as Dawn sliced the head off of the first zombie she attacked.  Shaking her head, Traci turned and fired past Jack, killing the second zombie in the road.  Looking back at Dawn she snorted "Showoff."
The first PEF moves closer
The survivors get off to a good start, killing three zombies.  When the zombies activate, the first PEF moves closer and resolves.
Who is this guy?
"Hey!  Don't shoot!"  The bedraggled young man in hunting camo yelled as he ran from the nearby tents.  "Just stay cool!"
"We're kinda busy!'  Dawn yelled back as the nearby zombie shambled towards her.  "If you want to help we'd be glad!"
Traci cocked out her hip and tossed a wave at the man.  "Come on honey!  I'd love to play!"  She gave him a come hither look.  "What's your name?'
With a big grin her answered "Chad!"  Raising his assault rifle, Chad started jogging towards the group.
Chad joins the team
We meet Chad, a survivor, Rep3 armed with an assault rifle and the Brawler attribute.  His rep is a bit low, but he will make for a good addition once he gets a little experience.  Even without, he is a welcome addition.  Things continue to be exciting as the zombies get a free turn, and we get another PEF reveal.
Now what?
A sudden crash of shattering glass and the thud of bodies broke the silence on the road.  Four zombies tumbled out of a broken window from the service station.  As they stumbled upright, they started towards Dawn and Traci.  At almost the same time a corpse stood up between the two women, rising from a pile of leaves, neither had seen it earlier.
"Well that's just great!"  Traci yelled as she saw the zombie.  "Are you just going to run past these?"
Dawn took aim with her pistol on the mass of dead.  She snapped back "What is you problem?  Just deal!"
The last PEF moves in
Well, great bring on the last PEF!  It actually turns out to be "Something is out there" and the ER increases to 6.  The spawned zombie between Traci and Dawn charges Traci, but she easily wins the charge roll and shoots it before it gets to her.
Traci shoots the zed...dead.
When it rains...  Next turn starts with doubles, so we get a random event.
Zombies everywhere!
Now zombies appear on 5+.  Not too bad, but it will make a difference if I keep shooting so much.  When initiative is finally settled, the zombies go first.  Great.  Just great.
At least Dawn is closest...
Dawn shoots one zombie as they charge and easily finishes off the remaining three in melee.  I want to be quiet as possible, so after Jack shoots the last zombie near him, I have Dawn split off to take on the zombies moving along the barricade.  Everyone else will go after the gas, so they can split if we need to.
Dawn clearing up zombies in melee
One more zombie arrives from Jack's shooting, the zombies shamble towards Dawn and she kills them one at a time.  It's not the most efficient, but it is quiet.  Eventually, Dawn faces the last zombie and I have the rest of the group grab the gas.
Dawn finishes off the last active zombie
 Dawn shook her machete clean as she kicked free of the undead farmhand she had just decapitated.  Turning around she jogged towards the wreckage of a Subaru, and a lone zombie office worker.  "Grab that gas and we'll get out of here!"
Traci lowered her SMG, shaking her head.  "Whatever you say queen bee."  She said and walked towards the pickup truck near the gas pumps.  Jack and Chad jogged past her and started grabbing the gas cans they found in the truck bed.

Jack and Chad grab the gas
So the table has no zombies, they have two units of fuel, which is enough to travel further east.  Mission successful!  Of course, there are a few buildings I could check out... 
Time to go find trouble
I decide to check the various buildings and cars that might have some loot.  I know I should just leave, but with an additional survivor, it helps increase the chances of finding something, and really, the risk is pretty low.
The store is clear, and empty
Traci dumped out an empty cardboard box, dumping some paper and a few empty beer cans on the floor.  "This sucks."  She said, disappointed.  "This place has been picked over."
"We can check that garage and the cars around here."  Jack offered.  "Maybe there is still something in one of cars."
In the garage they find some food!
Chad lifted the garage door, the springs taking over as he lifted it over his head.  The garage looked mostly empty, a few crates and pallets littered the floor.  As the group looked through the debris, Chad found a small box filled with protein bars.  "Bingo!  It's not great but there's a bunch bars here!"
Traci clapped and flashed Chad a smile.  "Great find there honey!"  she said and giggled as the group moved on towards the car wrecks.
A ruined SUV and convertible are empty
Jack and Dawn rummaged through the trunk of the red convertible.  Aside from some soiled clothes, there wasn't anything of interest.  Even the spare tire and jack were missing.  "Nothing much here."  Jack offered.  "You guys find anything in the SUV?"
Chad stepped out from the back, looking around nervously.  "What?  No...nothing."  He stammered. 
Traci giggled as she walked into the road behind Chad and said over her shoulder "I thought I found something...Maybe not though."
Dawn was not amused.  "Pay attention you two.  If you're going to play grab-ass wait until we stop for the day and someone else is on watch."
Traci harrumphed, giving a pouty look back at Dawn.  "We're just having a little fun.  The damn SUV was empty." 
Time to go to church
The small country church opened easily.  It was empty, but someone had used it as a shelter and left in a hurry recently.  Jack found a backpack with bottles of water and some cans of soup and vegetables still stowed inside.  He held u his find as the rest of group finished their search.  "Hey, at least it's not beans!"
Chad gave a short laugh, but was quiet when he saw the cool looks Dawn and Traci were exchanging.
What about the camp?
Chad pointed at the tents, leading the group towards the small camp.  "I was just checking these out when I ran into you guys."  He gestured at the parked minivan and some of the scattered debris of the camp.  "There's bound to be something here."
After a few minutes, Traci pulled a cardboard box out of a tent, the rattle of glass jars echoing from it as she opened her find.  "Sweet!  We got some jam and pickles!"  Traci giggled and gathered up the jars.
"Well, it looks like we've picked this place clean."  Dawn said.  "Let's get moving."
Back to the car
You know, things went very well, I found 3 units of food and no threats.  The turn after they start the car, we get a random event.  Looks like it's time to pay for the easy searching!
A dog?  Really?
I randomize the direction the dog approaches from - of course straight ahead!  At least the car should be able to just plow through the undead!
Bad dog!  No biscuit!
"What the hell is that?"  Jack said and stopped the car before it rolled forward very far.  Loud barking echoed in the street and a large brown dog ran up to the car, jumping around the front and the passenger door.
"Wow, somebody's dog!"  Chad said.  "Looks like he's being chased!"
Traci opened her door and waved at the pooch.  "Come on boy!" she yelled, trying to coax the animal into the car.
"Are you nuts!"  Dawn yelled.  "That thing could be diseased or dangerous!  Leave it alone!"
Traci ignored Dawn and tried to get the dog to enter the car.  "Come on!  Come here boy!"
Dawn looked at the zombies wandering closer and yelled "Jack, punch it and get us out of here!"
Jack speeds into the zombies
The dog wouldn't join the group and he moved off.  Jack speeds ahead and crashes into the zombies.  Somehow, he manages only one success for each zombie he crashes into - and they match his successes, meaning all the zombies dodge!  It's then the zombies turn and they charge the car - and we repeat the whole process, with one zombie falling under the car and being killed.  Icouldn't believe it...
Zombies can dodge?
Zombies charge the car!
The final charge doesn't stop Jack from driving away the next turn.  I expected one of the zeds to somehow disable the car at the very last second...

Jack drove for the rest of the afternoon, taking country roads and avoiding towns.  As the fuel gauge approached empty and the sun was getting low, he asked "Any plan for where to stop?"
Dawn looked ahead, they were near a construction site, it looked like there was some utility work being done on a wayside stop.  She pointed towards the wayside "Pull in there.  We'll look for a supervisor shack and hole up for the night."
Jack parked the car near a small mobile home looking shack, after a quick check the group settled in for the evening.  As everyone found a spot sleep, Dawn offered "I'll take the last watch.  Traci you start, then Chad and Jack.  We should all get plenty of sleep."

As the half moon cast it's pale light through a small window, Traci shook Jack awake.  "Shhhh.  It's late and I need you to listen."  Jack looked at Traci with concern but nodded.  "I can't keep this up.  She is going to get us all killed, and I'm not convinced she has a clue where she's going."
Jack started to answer but Traci put a finger on his lips.  "Just listen, love.  I'm not saying she's that bad, but I'm cutting out of here.  I've got my share of the food, a couple of guns and my stuff."  She ran her hand down Jacks chest, knowing the reaction she was getting.  "We've had soem fun, come with me and we can keep playing..."
Jack glanced at Dawn sleeping nearby, her deep rhythmic breathing confirming she was still asleep.  He thought for a minute, but shook his head at Traci when he turned back.  "She saved my life more than once.  She'd never bail on us - you're a fool to leave."
Traci smirked and shrugged.  "I figured you might want to stay.  Chad and I are leaving."  She stood and Chad joined her from the shadows.  "You watch out for her,"  Traci pointed at Dawn "She is getting bossier and bitchier.  Don't put up with it forever, you deserve more."
Before Jack could answer, Chad and Traci had slipped out the door and into the night.  Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

The keeping it together check was a disaster!  Dawn only gets two successes, Not great, but it shouldn't be too bad I figure.  Jack only gets one success, as long as the dice keep this up, no problem!  Traci gets four successes and leaves, poisoning Jack and Chad!  To add insult to injury, Chad rolls three successes, I figure he splits with Traci.

This was tough to write up, the group was looking pretty good and then it all fell apart!  I will split up the gear the group has and Dawn and Jack will have to continue on their own.  At least they are about half way there...