Saturday, October 31, 2015

Zomtober 2015, Week 5 (Bonus time!)

It's not a full week, but the end of week one was a short week as well.  I figure being able to finish up on the days leading up to Halloween makes sense.  I had some time on a couple of evenings to try and finish off some of the zombies I had primed and started...

The remainder of the Zpocalypse Hospital Horde box were completed.
Last of the Hospital Horde
Three groups for Zombicide, season 2.  I went with green, orange and white for the 'squad' colors.
Green group
Orange is so festive!
White after Labor Day?  They are monsters!
The horde for this year turns in at 68.  Time for some group photos!
It's a Horde!
Maybe a bit colorful, but still dangerous
Some had hidden!
All together now
Ahh that was a fun Zomtober!  I'm so glad to have seen everyone who participated!  People's work was very inspiring.  I hope to get back to actual games after concentrating on painting for this past month...

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Zomtober 2015, Week 4

Most of the zombie miniatures I have done have been adults, this week I have a few kids.  They would make it even worse for any survivors - who wants to face down a zombie child?
Two each of girls and boys
These children zombies are from the Zpocalypse Hospital horde.  I have painted the other figures up from the horde box, I have a few left (hopefully in the next week...)

I also managed to finish a group of Zombicide figs.  I went with a light blue color for the theme.
Four bad zombies
Another set of four from Zombicide
Not as much progress as I would have liked, but not too bad for a short week for me.  I'm hopeful that I'll be able to make a bit of progress and update on Saturday - just to finish off Zomtober in style!
This week's horde!
It's been a great Zomtober, lots of great zombies and survivors this year from everybody!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Zomtober 2015, Week 3

Week 3 comes to a close!  This year is going by quickly...

I have most of the Zpocalypse figs done, I have the children figs left, plus a smattering of some others, as I missed priming them...  Oops.
Undead Patients
Two in straight jackets, two nurses

The Zpocalypse figures will make for a nice hospital theme if I need it.  I managed to get one group done of the Zombicide Season 2 minis as well.  The Zombicide figs should paint up pretty quick, hopefully I'll have a chance to finish off a big chunk of them yet this month.
Four guys from Zombicide
Another four from Zombicide
That gives me 16 more zombies this week.  I suspect next week will be low, I have a business trip which will keep me out most of the week.  I'm planning my final Zomtober push in the days leading up to Halloween.  We'll see how this week goes...
This weeks horde

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Zomtober 2015, Week 2

Week 2 comes to a close, and I have some progress...

I chose to paint some of the Zpocalypse figs, they are different from many of my other minis.  Not a lot of progress, but I am happy with what I have gotten done.  I have a size comparison shot of some figs, including a Zpocalypse zombie.
Heroclix, Zpocalypse, WF survivor, Dark Heaven (On Secret Weapons base)

The Zpocalypse minis are just about the same size as Zombicide minis.  They have a variety of poses, and some detail.  As I painted them, I found the details came out with some of the drybrushing and washes.  Overall, though, I found the details were a bit 'melted' into the fig as a whole.  It may be from the softer plastic used to make he minis.  They still look pretty good, and the variation in poses will add some variety to my zombie horde.

The tally for this week is 7 zombies.  1 Wargames Factory zombie and 6 Zpocalypse figs from the "Zmergency" Hospital Horde.  I have a bunch of others started, just not quite done yet...
Bio Hazard suits seem to cause the zeds to do the hustle...
Doctor, Doctor, Doctor...glad I'm not sick!
Lone WF zombie
One of each zed making fun of a primed only Zombicide mini...
Size comparison with a Zombicide miniature
Happy zombie painting everyone!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Leaving Town (part 2)

Zombies everywhere!
Dawn was surrounded, but she could see the street open behind the nearest zombie.  "Gotta make run for it."  She muttered as she fired and ran.  
Dawn on the move
The SMG barked and then clicked, jammed.  Dawn checked the weapon, finding a round jammed in the action.  As Dawn worked to clear the jam she heard a scraping sound from the rock wall across from her.  Looking up she could see a lone zombie stand up and start towards her.
Gun jammed next to a zombie!
Dawn activates, but the zombies don't (my crazy initiative rolling continues!) She fires at the closest zombie and gets one hit (which kills the zed) and runs out of ammo again with the SMG.  She runs (fast move) to a fence/gate area about as far from the zombies as she can get.  I figure if things seem to be going poorly, Dawn can at least escape.

The next turn the zombies activate and Dawn is stuck standing there with a weapon that is jammed.  I see my luck is holding!  The nearest PEF moves right up behind Dawn, hiding out of sight just behind the gate she is standing beside.  Meanwhile, the closest zombie charges her, and they are locked in combat.
Dawn faces one zombie with more on the way
Dawn ducked the swipe of the undead arm, responding with a swing of her machete.  The arm came off at the elbow, flopping to the ground.  Quickly, Dawn reversed her swing, bringing her machete down on the zombie's head, smashing it to the ground, dead.
More zombies shuffled from the driveway of the nearby house.  Dawn checked the SMG, unable to clear the jam.  She slung the useless weapon and pulled her pistol from it's holster.  Aiming at the leading zombie, Dawn calmly faced the remaining zombies as they approached.
Dawn switches to her pistol
Dawn passes 1d for the tight ammo check.  This means that the SMG is reloaded, but another out of ammo means she is out of ammo for the rest of the scenario.  Instead of risking it further, I switch to her BA pistol she keeps as a back up.
Dawn fires and kills the nearest zombie.  Then she gets to act the next turn before the zombies, shooting two and charging the last to finish it off in hand to hand.
Dawn shoots the first zombie
More zombies on the way

Dawn shoots two before charging the last remaining zombie
Dawn faces the last zombie chasing her
Dawn fired her pistol twice at the zombies across the street.  With grim satisfaction she saw two zombies foreheads burst in gray-green rotten flesh.  Gripping her machete, Dawn charged the last zombie which was standing swaying next to its dead companions.
Dawn finishes off the last zombie
After finishing off the zombie, I decided to go ahead an check the SUV and house nearby.  The PEF was still lurking nearby, and one zombie had spawned among the shipping containers.  I figured it was pretty safe to try and find either a ride or something useful.
Orange is a sporty color
The orange SUV is empty, and out of gas.  I guess I'll try the house...
Is anyone home?
Dawn shouldered open the front doors, surprised at how easily they opened.  As she stepped into the gloomy front room, the shuffles and groans told her she wasn't alone.  Three zombies dressed in tattered rags stumbled from the shadows.  Dawn fired twice, watching one zombie tumble back on the blood stained sofa.  The remaining two zombies crashed into Dawn, jaws snapping.
Dawn's machete flashed in the sunlight streaming behind her as she quickly sliced the first zombies head, dropping it to the floor.  As the second zombie grabbed for her, Dawn slashed its legs out from under it, knocking it to the floor.
Dawn fighting in the house
Dawn killed two the zombies and knocked the third down.  She fired her pistol as she entered the house, and while one of my own 'house rules' is gunfire inside doesn't spawn more zombies, it will draw them.  I check the rest of the house (a total of 4 rooms) for occupants, somehow the rest of the house is empty.  Meanwhile, the zombie from the container yard wanders over...
Why did the zombie cross the road?

The zombie makes pretty good time...
Dawn dispatches the last zombie, and sees the lone zombie wandering up the driveway.  She has the time, so Dawn searches the main room quickly, but finds nothing.  She waits, setting a trap for the zombie when it enters the house.  Of course, the game throws a random event my way...
The zombie is armed!
Dawn waited behind the door, she could hear the zombie stumbling up the front steps.  A strange metallic clank sounded with each step the zombie climbed.  "What the hell is that noise?"  Dawn thought as the undead dock worker pushed through the doors, still clutching a crowbar in its mangled left hand.
Jumping out Dawn hacked at the zombie with her machete, working to avoid the large steel bar being swung by the zed.
One more zombie to fight
Dawn easily dispatches the zombie after it stumbles into the house.  Even with the weapon, it is no match for her in melee.  There are no more active, mobile zombies left on the table.  There is still a rep 2 PEF mostly staying put in the container yard, so the next turns go pretty fast.
Dawn searches the house and doesn't find anything useful, which is disappointing, but hardly surprising.  Still in need of a vehicle, Dawn moves out looking for fuel and any other useful supplies.
Dawn leaves the house
Dawn checks the vehicles
Dawn finds 2 units of fuel in the sports car, but nothing else useful.  Dawn moves to the blue SUV, and finishes off the zombie still strapped in.  The shot doesn't attract any more zombies.  The SUV is empty, but Dawn does get a unit of fuel from the truck.  Dawn drops the fuel in the orange SUV and moves to investigate the last PEF (which has been moving around the nearby container yard) which will remove the last unknown on the tabletop.
It turns out to be nothing...
Dawn crossed the now empty and quiet street, approaching the container yard.  She could hear a rustle from the gate shack, and slowly Dawn moved to see what was lurking there.  As she moved to the fence and leaned out enough to see, a calico cat bolted from his hiding spot, running off into the yard.  Startled, Dawn nearly shot the cat.  "Good hunting to you."  She said to it's retreating form.
Looking at the containers, Dawn paused and listened for any other movement.  Looking at the various shipping containers, Dawn could see many had already been looted.  Boxes and cans were spilling out of a few, others still seemed to be closed.  A small office near the gate caught Dawn's eye, maybe it would have a list of cargoes.
Keep Out?  I don't think so.
The office is empty
Searching the office didn't yield anything useful.  Again, not surprising given the difficulty with looting now.  I have Dawn move out and search the containers.  I'd like to find some fuel (assuming Dawn gets the SUV started, she needs 6 units of fuel to start her trip) and get a move on.
Dawn searches the containers
After searching the containers (and the two trucks in the yard) Dawn finds a unit of fuel and a unit of food.  I finally hit a deck reshuffle, and decide to quit while I'm ahead (there were no zombies in the containers, which was a surprise!)  Dawn gets back to the SUV and loads up, still with no keys.  Luckily, Dawn is logical, and gets a bonus on the chance to hotwire the SUV.  She manages to pass 2d, and get the truck started.
Time to try and find some place for fuel...
Time to leave.
Dawn shoved the trash out of the back of the orange SUV, the empty boxes and bits of junk made barely any sound, but it still made her pause and look around.  Stowing the case of soup she had salvaged from the container earlier, she closed the back and walked warily to the driver's side door.  Getting in, Dawn dropped her pack on the passenger seat, making sure her weapons were all within easy reach.  Pulling out a small multi-tool Dawn started to work on the ignition.
The SUV roared to life as Dawn got it started.  "I need more gas."  She muttered, looking at the low fuel gauge.  Digging out a folded map from her pack, she scanned for likely places to go for fuel.  "Where to next?"