Sunday, October 28, 2018

Zomtober 2018, Week 4

Ahh, the final week of Zomtober!  I may not have made all the progress I wanted, but I did get my last walkers done, bringing the total to 14.
Three more Walkers
The Walking Dead zombies have been fun to paint.  They have great poses and a lot of character each.  Compared to Zombicide or Wargames Factory zombies, they have good detail and a good mix of poses.
Zomtober Horde
So I managed to get all my walkers completed, twelve from the box set and two bonus zombies.  There are only two repeat poses, which is good, not that repetition is bad.
Looks like Dawn could use some help.
"Walkers."  The gravely voice with a southern drawl said from behind.  "Looks like a herd.  Could you use some help?"
Dawn turned to see a ragged man, still dressed as a county sheriff.  "Never heard zombies called that."  She replied.
"Zombies."  He stretched the word out.  "Never heard that."
Dawn meets Rick Grimes
I did manage to get Rick Grimes painted from the All Out War set.  I went with a tan and brown sheriff outfit.  I drew inspiration from the TV show, even though I know the miniature is based on the comic.  I am pretty happy with how he turned out.  I didn't do much for the base, just added a torn up newspaper that headlines "The Dead Walk".
Rick in front of the walker herd
Rick Grimes, All Out War
I started the other survivors, but they are not quite done.  Once they are complete, I'll get pictures up.  With some luck they won't take long.
This week's painting
I hope everyone had a great Zomtober!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Zomtober 2018 Week 3

It seems like it was a short week!  I did get three more zombies done from the Walking Dead All Out War set.  There are three more to go, and while not done, they are started.  I will get them done this week, no problem.  I have six survivors to paint after that, I hope to get a few of them done at least this month.  We'll see what happens next week.

This week's walkers:
Three walkers
Above view
I do love the zombies/walkers from this set.  They have such interesting poses.  These three are a professional woman (maybe a manager), a hunter (he has a hunter's vest like top) and an old man (I figured either a retiree or professor).  I'm happy with the 'guts' on the hunter - they look like they have been torn loose and he is hollowed out, at least somewhat.

This month's horde:
 Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Zomtober 2018, Week 2

This week I managed four more zombies completed.  I did get more primed and some work done on them, but they are still a way off from being ready to show.  I am really liking the walkers from the Walking Dead game.  They are very good looking zombies!
Four more walkers!
It's hard to see, but the walker with the white top does have a pink/purple hairdo. It was washed out bad by the zombie wash, but it is more visible in real life.
Dawn checks out the new arrivals
So far I have eight of the walkers done.  I have six more to go...
Two weeks worth of the horde!
Happy Zomtober!  I hope everyone is having a productive month!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Zomtober 2018 Week One

Ahhh, another fall leads us to another October...or ZOMTOBER!

I'm planning to paint up my Walking Dead All Out War set this month.  Shouldn't be too hard, it's about 20 walkers and five survivors.  It's been awhile since I worked on just a painting project, so this is a good time for this to happen.

I started with four walkers this week.  Hopefully I'll be able to complete more next week.
Four Walkers

Dawn checks the new arrivals
 I have the others primed and ready to get started, so next week I hope to be able to get more done.

Happy Zomtober!