Sunday, October 30, 2016

Zomtober Week 5

This week was slowed down by a water leak from an upstairs shower to a ground floor closet.  Quite a mess!  This slowed down my progress on my zombie horde...
Water and drywall do not mix!
I worked on two groups of toxic zombies from the Toxic Mall expansion for Zombicide. I added yellow/green highlights to designate them as 'toxic'.
Red group zombies
Yellow group zombies
I also repainted (mostly just retouching the existing scheme) a Horrorclix 'candystriper' which seemed to be a vampire type character of some sort.  I repainted the flesh to be less pale and red and more normal.  I added some additional red touches to her outfit and then based her on a plastic coin decorated with some craft paper to look like a tile floor.

Survivor and scenery

Finally I added a trash dumpster from Reaper Bones.  Great item for the urban landscape.  I left the lid unglued so it opens.
The lid propped open

This week all together now!
Week 5 all together!
Another Zomtober comes to a close.  It was pretty productive, although I didn't quiet hit my goal of finishing my Zombicide zombies off.  At least progress was made! 

I really enjoyed everyone's entries, they were quite inspiring.  Besides the painting, the background stories and mix of survivors and zombies gives great ideas.  If you haven't already seen the other blogs, check out the links from my page - there are some very excellent Zomtober entries out there!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Zomtober Week 4

Another week!  This week it's time to take out the trash...  (You'll see what I mean!)

The prison figures from Zombicide have been completed.  These are groups yellow and pink, for the colors used on some highlights.
Squad Pink
Team Yellow

I also completed two abominations, one from the basic game and one from Prison Outbreak.  I am pretty happy with the red armored portions of the prison abomination, I like how it turned out.
ABOMINATIONS!  (Slipped into a 40K inquisitor voice there.)

Needing some food, I added a survivor.  This is a Dark Reaper Chronoscope figure, Jake Ryan, he is based on a Secret Weapons ruined street base.  I have him in a fairly plain outfit, I figure he may have been a police detective or something before the apocalypse.
Survivor Jake
Finally, I painted up some scatter terrain from Malifaux.  The set is Suburb Props, and is a set of various refuse containers and two sets of wooden crates.  They have fair detail and painted up pretty quickly.  To be fair, I had primed these some time ago, but finished them this week.
Scatter terrain
The whole week together, terrain and all was pretty productive.  More zombies than survivors by a wide margin, but at least I managed one more survivor.
More zombies for the horde!
One week to go for Zomtober!  It's been great seeing everyone's progress.  I can't wait to see where we finish!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Zomtober Week 3

Another week down, and another Zomtober recap!  I am continuing to paint the Zombicide and Zpocalypse minis, similar to last week.  I have a few added zombies from Horroclix and two survivors as well!

Zpocalypse second (and final) batch
Zpocalypse Zombie Horde

Zombicide second batch (with purple highlights):
Zombicide Prison Outbreak, team purple!

Three Horrorclix zombies, first a 'Pod Zombie' from the Lab expansion, the other two are from Freakshow, "Zombie Vendor" and "Zombie Ventriloquist".  They will add a touch of character to things.  They have had their paint touched up, though the vendor is a bit of a conversion.  I removed his box of bottles and repainted his outfit to resemble a McDonald's outfit.
Pod, Vendor and this a joke?
The pair of survivors are a touched up Horroclix "Big Red" and a Wargames Factory Survivors: The Women build.  I love the pose from Big Red, rolling up a sleeve and holding a fire axe.  The woman is apparently a female version of John McClane from Die Hard, as she is missing her shoes...
Big Red and "Joni McClane"
The zombies outnumber the living even more this week!
2 survivors and 20 zombies
Zomtober so far:
The horde grows!
It's been a great excuse to finish some painting and getting some new survivors made without a pressing need.  The Zpocalypse figs are finished off, now I will concentrate on the Zombicide minis.

Walking Dead comes back next week, gotta love Zomtober!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Zomtober Week 2

This week I completed a few zombies and a few survivors.  The zombies are in two groups, Zombicide and the Zpocalypse minis.
Zombicide minis color blocked
Zpocalypse minis color blocked
A quick recap of the zombie painting plan - I just block in a few colors and then hit them with a 'dip' of red and black stain and a green/brown wash.  It's a mess, but it does the trick.  It does make painting zombies a bit easier.

Zpocalypse figs after the dip

These are easily the worst figures I have had the pleasure of painting.  They are not quite 28mm scale, closer to 25mm.  They will work as 'filler' zombies for the horde, but as individuals, they are bad.  The female zombies appear to have had their hair fall down around their shoulders, leaving them bald.  I'm just going to get paint on them and call them done.
First batch done
Two Zpocalypse figs and a Zombicide fig for reference
The Zombicide minis are from the Prison Outbreak expansion, season 2 I believe.  They are the typical good quality of Zombicide minis, much better than the messy Zpocalypse figs.  I am painting them in pretty typical prison colors, orange jumpsuits on the prisoners and white shirts over blue pants for the guards.
Survivors for a bonus!
As a bonus, I have three survivors finished as well.  Two are female survivors from Wargames Factory Survivors:Women box set.  I added some rather poor greenstuff to the RPG armed woman, adding in some sweatpants in place of shorts and shoes instead of flip-flops.  The other woman is armed with a bow and carrying an AK.  The third miniature is from Reaper Chronoscope, Candy, anime hero.  I have based her on a Secret Weapons ruined street base.
Group shot!

I have undercoated some more figs, hopefully next week is as productive!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Zomtober Arrives!

It is another Zomtober, I am planning on painting up some more zombie minis this year.  I still have some Zombicide figs left, as well as some Zpocalypse miniatures that need some paint.  If I need to, I have plenty of other figs to paint...

To kick things off, here is what I have on deck to start:
Zombies in need of paint!
And so it begins!
I haven't made progress beyond some base coating.  I plan on updates each Sunday...