Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sci fi Zombies

Just a quick posting of a zombie apocalypse game that happened at a local game shop.  They used 40K rules (most of the players are 40K devotees) with modifications to make it more cinematic.  Wargames Factory zombies were used for the horde, as well as being modified with some 40K bits for some special models.  There were also zombie dogs represented by chaos wolves.

Some random shots:
Tyranids holding one flank...sort of
Imperials and orks move through the center

Cultists and Dark Eldar facing zombie dogs
There were some fun twists and turns, and lots of zombie fighting action.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to stay to the end, but a good time was had by all.
Zombies with explosives pile out of the Basilisk!
Da Orks ride a stolen Rhino to safety!
It was a fun diversion, and made an interesting look at an organized (well, somewhat organized) military group facing the undead hordes.  Really good time, and fun way to end October...

I'll get more posts up soon, I had to replace my furnace, which is located adjacent to my gaming and painting area.  Now that heat has been restored, I'll be able to actually do some fun work!