Sunday, November 16, 2014

Entering Hell, Part 1

Rolling down the highway, the pick up truck was eating up the miles.  The heavy downpour was masking the rumble of its V8 as Allen swerved around the occasional wreck.  Just across the median, the westbound lanes were a graveyard of automobiles.  Mile after mile of traffic jammed into what once was the best path away from the Twin Cities.  Flailing shadows inside of the cars and vans betrayed the presence of the undead in each vehicle.
"Allen, slow down man, we don't want to plow into a wreck!"  Mark all but yelled.  "I know we're close, but the rain is starting to slack.  We need to stop and figure out a plan."
"We have a plan!  It's maybe ten, fifteen tops to my house!  We roll in, grab my family and roll out!"  Allen swerved around a wrecked Hyundai, clipping an undead college kid as he shambled around the car.  "Nothing is going to stop us from getting there!"
"Allen, the rain is starting to slack off.  Its been keeping the zombies from swarming us, if that stops, we'll lead horde right to your house!"  Dawn shouted.  "We need to find a safe way to get to your house!"
"Dawn is right.  Allen, let's get off the road and figure out how to get to your house, SAFELY!"  Mark said as Allen swerved around another dead car, the truck fishtailing as he brought it back under control.  "Please, we are so close, we don't want to blow it now!"
Allen gripped the wheel with both hands, nearly shaking.  "It's been so long, I have to get to them!"
"You will.  How far have we all come together already?"  Dawn asked.  "We will get there, but let's be smart!"  The rain started to slow down, the rhythmic drumming slowing down.  "Let's stop and look around before we charge in."
Allen drove on, desperate to get to his family.  An orange sign flashed by, announcing a construction zone ahead.  Slowly nodding, a single tear slid down his cheek.  "You are right.  We will pull off at the construction site, and see what we can find."
Allen guided the truck into the construction site, gravel and mud splattering the side of truck as he drove through the site.  "Looks like the site office over there.  Let's check that out, at least we will be out of the weather."  Mark pointed ahead to the right.  "We'll check out the area and get to your family."

The group has reached the Minneapolis metropolitan area, and need to decide on a course of action.  They are down to 4 units of fuel, so they need to find some more to get out of the city.  Entering the city, the group has stopped at a construction site to scout the area, and make a plan to get to Allen's family.

I have decided to make a random chance for what the group will find at Allen's house.  I have a chart, which I will roll against when the group can draw line of sight to his family's house.  The catch will be that I will use an 'explode' effect, if I roll a 6, I will roll and add to the result.  Plus, I will need to lower the result below zero to get a good result.  I have set a few actions that will give me a bonus - recruiting more survivors, completing scenarios, using up luxury items.  I will get penalties for failing a scenario, each OOF or dead result.  After each scenario, Allen will roll an additional die (cumulative) and if he gets the 'leaves' result, the next scenario must be approaching his home.

The group is going to walk through town, to avoid attracting unwanted attention with a noisy truck.  They each have a pack, where each has a unit of food, a luxury item, a BAP and a melee weapon.  Mark and Allen have a shotgun in their packs, Dawn is carrying two machine pistols.  Everyone has an SMG, BAP and melee weapon on them, basically the same load out they had in the last scenario.  The truck is disabled (and will require 2 activations before trying to be started) and they will leave any leftover gear with it.

Resting one night, day 29 starts with the group moving down the road into a commercial area.  It is an urban area, ER 5, 3 PEFs and 11 zombies are in the area.

Entering the city
Zombie and PEF welcoming committee!
The group entered on the southwest corner, with an initial mission of just crossing the board.  They need to find more team members, explore some buildings, and just be successful to get a bonus when they get to Allens house.  I decide to move into contact with the nearby PEF, might as well get this started!
Dawn pops around the corner
SMG at the ready, Dawn stepped around the ruined corner, anxious to see what was in the ruins.  A pump shotgun racking met her.  "Stay back!  We're armed!" A frightened young woman yelled out.  Four weary looking people huddled in the rubble, brandishing a mix of weapons.
"Hey, we're not looking for trouble.  One of my friends is just trying to find his family."  Dawn said, lowering her weapon slightly.  "We're just passing through."
Lowering her shotgun, the leader stepped forward.  "I'm Kelly, we've been on the run for days, weeks even.  If you can take us out of here, we'd love to come with you!"
"Hell yes, these zeds are too much!"  Mike, brandishing a bolt action rifle offered.  "Between them, the gangs, the military and everyone else, I want to leave!"  A smattering of agreement came from the other two civilians.
"Well, meet Allen and Mark!"  Dawn said, gesturing back at her companions.
What are civilians doing here on day 29?
I moved Dawn out to trigger the first PEF, as I was rolling for what the contact was, I realized just how much I hung Dawn out in the breeze.  Luckily it was 4 civilians.  How anyone could still be a 'civilian' 29 days into the apocalypse, in Minneapolis, I don't know.  I guess we'll find out what's up with these people as we go...

The group is joined by 4 civilians, all Rep 3 - Kelly (shotgun, Medic), Larry (Shotgun), Mike (Bolt action rifle) and Nadine (Pistol).  Nadine is also carrying one unit of food.  I am using some Heroclix figures to represent the group.  Adding in the new people, the scenario conditions changed, now the team has to secure a building to sort out the new folks.  This will mean no active zombies within 6" of a building that has been searched, and is empty except for the team members.

The next turn, one PEF moves up, in cover at the front of the truck wreck.  I decide we'll trigger this PEF as well, might as well get these revealed while everyone is fresh.
PEF moves up
Mark heard the rustle from the front of the truck.  He moved around the side, and saw a mob of zombies moving towards the ruined building.  "Allen!  We have company!"  Yelling, Mark charged the zombies.
Mark charges in
Allen grabbed the tailgate of the truck, making his way forward to the top of the cab.  He fired into the zombies.  "Dawn, maybe you and our friends could help out here?"  he yelled.
Allen on top of the truck
Dawn charges the zombies
I had forgotten how much "fun" the citizen brown pants rule is.  Luckily I get Nadine to activate, and charge the downed zombie.  She moved up and executed a 'popping the weasel' maneuver, killing the zed.

Nadine moves into action
Nadine kills the downed zombie
The new team members need to get some experience, so I move them up and around to try and get some shots on the zombies.  Larry moves up first with his shotgun.
Larry sizes up the zombies
Larry gets one
Kelly finishes off the downed zombie
I ran out of nearby targets, so the last civilian, Mike, moved up to the center of the group.  I figure when the zombies spawn and move up, he will get a shot or two in.  Eight more zombies spawn from the gunfire.

The next turn, the zombies get initiative and close in on the group.  Okay, time to pay more attention, I forgot how quickly zombies can appear and overwhelm the humans.  The group decides to move towards the nearby garage, to try and get off the street, and limit the zombies coming at them.
The zombies close in
Time to head to the garage
Mark charges into the mob, he will bring up the rear as they move to the garage.
Mark charges the zombies
Allen shoots the zombie in the ruined building, as Dawn falls back to clear the street.  I am trying to use Team Mark to drop the key zombies, I can't count on the civilians to be able to do too much, but they can still shoot.
Allen shoots
Allen and Dawn move back to the ruins
 The civilians run into the garage, hopefully it's empty...
Nadine leads the way to the garage
The civilians spread into the garage
Nadine threw open the door and ran into the garage.  The dim space felt empty, and she waved the others inside.  "Let's get off the street!"  She yelled.  Lead by Larry, the group ran through the door into the garage.  Outside the crack of gunfire echoed as Dawn and Allen fired on the zombies.
"I don't think we're alone..."  Mike started to say as a low moan and shuffling sounded in the garage.  From the dim corners zombies shambled out at the startled civilians.  "Shoot!"  He yelled and fired.
Entering the building, I draw a card for the occupants.  It's 5 zombies!  Against 4 civilians, this could get ugly quick.  Surprisingly, three civilians win the surprise roll, Mike, Larry and Kelly all get to shoot the zombies. 

That's a good round of shooting!
Nadine manages to fight the two zombies to a standstill, with each one a draw.  All in all, better than I expected.  The round ends with more zombies appearing on the streets from the shooting.
More zombies appear in the streets
The survivors win initiative, and keep moving back to the garage,  Allen runs in to help Nadine with the zombies, knocking one down, and killing the other.  Mark drops back to the doorway, giving the rest of the group a chance to get organized in the garage.
Allen takes down the zombies
Mark stops at the door

Mark fights one zombie at the doorway
The next turn, the survivors activate, but the zombies don't.  Mark moves into the garage, which is being searched.  Kelly and Mike find meds and fuel.  A second door opposite the entrance is available, which is what everyone will be using to leave.  My plan is to make for the bar and grill, secure that building, and hopefully get a successful scenario.
Regrouping in the garage
To be continued...

(On a side note, sorry for the delay in continuing the campaign; I have had some computer issues.  Things seem to be better, I will have part 2 up soon!)


  1. You're evil. We will never know until the end if the pain they will face will be worth it...
    Nice rep and good that they found good living people on the way.

    1. It was a nice change to not find a group of gagers or zeds right away...

      I don't want the end predetermined, it will make it more exciting for me as well to find out what Allen's family's fate is only at the end as well.

  2. Great continuation of the campaign. Let's hope the new recruits can earn their stripes.

    1. Everyone starts somewhere, maybe we have new hero in the gang!

  3. So far, so good! But I can't help thinking that there are too many novices in the group; someone will probably make a mistake and die real soon now...

    1. I can't help thinking the same thing. I don't know if they should run to the end, or take a chance on another scenario, given the chance...

  4. Great stuff. As Colgar6 states though, too many greenies in the group, so someone is going to die :-) Must have taken an age to post this so thanks for doing so. Looking forward to part two.

    1. Thanks! If my camera and computer had been a bit more cooperative, it wouldn't have been quite so bad. Hopefully I can be back on a regular schedule again, and keep the updates coming more regularly.

  5. So far so good, the team has does great so far and barring any abysmal luck I can see them crossing this board with relative ease.
    The terrain looks excellent, I really like the "busy" feel to this urban area.

    1. Thanks, I want to have the city areas to feel more claustrophobic, I need more buildings to get that feel though, but I hope to make it up with more scatter terrain as well.

  6. An excellent batrep. I am intrigued about the status of the four civilians 29 days after the outbreak. I'm suspicious of them already! Great use of terrain, by the way.

    1. Thank you! It has been a while since I could play and get a bat rep posted.

      I have to wonder, civilians, after 29 days? Was there some sort of vault or shelter for them? It *was* just random chance that dropped them into the game, but I feel an opportunity for storytelling from them...

  7. Another mighty fine battle report! Maybe they where a group hiding out in there companies canteen eating the food out the vending machines?

    1. Thank you! I figure the group will help me flesh out what has been happening in Minneapolis since the apocalypse started.