Sunday, January 25, 2015

Scenery: Ruined High Rise

Finished!  Well, sort of.

I am pretty much done with the high rise ruin, plus the shanty on the top level.  It could stand some more details (posters and signs on the shanty, some more graffiti, a bit more debris) but it is playable as is.
The busy side of the ruin
In the pictures, I have a various selection of 28mm figs - Heroclix, Wargames factory and Reaper miniatures.  Also one Hot Wheel motorcycle with rider repaint.  The "elevator" still works, if for some reason I want to use it for more than an outcropping.  You can see the business end of the latrine has provided fertilizer for some growth.
Look out below!
Around the "front"? of the building, there are a couple of cheeky signs, and plenty of rubble.  On the top, there is a garden, water trough, and a post apocalyptic lounge area.  The 'water' in the trough has not quite dried yet, but it will look like water in another couple of days.  I used artists gloss medium with just a touch of blue and green to get a watery look.
Drive by some signs
Climb up the rubble
A post apocalyptic hang out
So I forgot to grab a picture of one side.  Oops.  There isn't anything happening over there anyway...  Then on the "rear" side, there are stairs.  I have some graffiti, and it could probably use more (all over the ruin) but I didn't want to overdo it.  The stairs are a bit out of scale, however, they will work to put figs on the steps. 
Welcoming stairs
Storming the ladder
That's it!  I am trying to get more 'ruins' for later apocalypse feel, so I'll be trying a couple more buildings something like this.  I am also considering a small shanty town for post apocalyptic survivors.  That's going to be some longer term projects.

Thanks for looking, comments and suggestions are welcome!

With a bit of luck, I'll have the first battle report for Dawn.  Hopefully real life gives me a chance...


  1. That has turned out most excellent. I do love the saucy posters you added.

  2. Great build all round dude! Loving the shanty penthouse, superb.

  3. Fantastic stuff. Looks completely different to what you first posted and a million times better. I assure you the time and effort you've put into it has been well worth it. It looks corking :-)

  4. Great bit of scenery, it's come out really well, considering what it started out as.

  5. I think you have done a great job at transforming that plastic building into a great looking apocalypse building :)

  6. That is really looking good. Nice bit of cover and multiple sniper positions. A good base to fight for!

  7. That is really, really cool. The little details are what make it so excellent, it will be a great part of a ruined city.

  8. Excellent work on this ruined building, very atmospheric!