Monday, January 9, 2017

Scenery: Water Tower, Walls and a Supply Crate

This is a quick post of a few small items I managed to finish this week.  These are mostly recycled toys I found at a local resale shop.  These are meant to be scatter pieces, just to help fill out a table and add some interesting or useful bits.
Jack, Dawn and their car for scale
First is a tall piece, it's meant to be a water tower or similar.  Probably at a construction site or a farm or something.  It is a recycled Play-Doh dispenser, the base had some decent texture that came out with some paint.  I went for just a few colors, and lots of rust.
It's a tower...
Jack and Dawn check and see if there is any water...
Tower and weapons crate
I also have a Weapons Crate from Dark Heaven Bones.  It painted up very quickly, it's just a box after all.  I may get another couple of them and paint them in different colors for use as objective markers and such.  It's a bit large, but works well enough.

Jack is perplexed by the digital lock
That can hold a lot of weapons...
Finally, I have a couple of low walls.  These are hard plastic toys, no idea where they originally came from.  I picked them up with the tower, I love the second hand shop, the stuff is so cheap!
Some cover is better than no cover...
They should be useful on some tables
A bit of a slow week, but I was happy to get a few items off the work bench.  I love repurposing toys, these were easy to use - just some paint!


  1. What a great bit of scratch building, I love that tower.

  2. Very cool. I am amazed how you made so much terrain out of toddler's toys

  3. Very useful scatter terrain, but the tower conversion is superb. The weapons crate reminds me of security lockers (for tools) found on construction sites.