Thursday, February 20, 2014

Its Dangerous to Go It Alone

They may not be Mystery, Inc. but the rag-tag band of survivors is coming along.  Here is a quick roll-call:

Mark (Star, Rep 5, Sav 2, Pep 1, Pistol and baseball bat, Logical and Rage) is the leader of our intrepid band, he was a supervisor for a construction company before the apocalypse.
Mark - Batter up!
I used a baseball clix figure (not sure who) and I have added some pouches from Victoria Miniatures.  He is based on a urban base from Secret Weapon Miniatures.  Both companies have some nice stuff IMHO.

Allen (grunt, Rep 4, Sav 2, Pep 1, BAP, Machete, Free Spirit) was the first survivor to join Mark.  He was an over the road driver before the apocalypse - his big rig is available for use.
Allen - Did I break your concentration?
Allen is a Horace Action from Reaper Miniatures.  He is unmodified.

Ben (grunt, rep 3, Sav 1, Pep2, Shotgun, baseball bat, Medic) joined on day 2, when he was found in a garage with a broken car.  He was a med student just before the apocalypse.
Ben - likes the boom!
Ben is a Gallup, zombie survivor from Reaper Miniatures.  He is not carrying the guitar he comes with, but is otherwise unmodified.  His shirt is a rough copy of a Black Ops 2 shirt my son owns.

Cindy (grunt, Rep 4, Sav 3, Pep 1, Sub Machine Gun, Improvised Melee Weapon (Hammer), Initiative) also joined on day 2, when she and Dawn (below) ran into the group near the industrial park.  She was a real estate agent before the apocalypse.
Cindy - Maybe you want to aim?
Cindy is a Wargames Factory Survivors: The Women model.  This model is a straight build from the set.

Dawn (grunt, Rep 3, Sav 2, Pep 1, Pistol, Improvised Melee Weapon (Pipe/club), Logical) was on the run with Cindy when they joined the group.  She was a personal banker before the apocalypse.
Dawn - See, this is aiming!
Dawn is another straight build from the Wargames Factory set. 

The group is going to try and leave the city.  There are roadblocks all over, and law and order has really begun to break down.  At the start of the next game, if they pass 2d, they will go to a check point encounter, if the pass 1d, they will have to approach on foot.  If they pass 0d, there will be and encounter before the checkpoint.

The group is ready to roll!
I hope to get another bat rep up soon, but I did just get Game of Thrones Season 3 on Blu-ray.  That is going to cut into game time this weekend...

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Nice band of survivors, looking toward to reading their next outing!
    Happy watching GoT

    1. Thank you! I have read the books, so its not a big surprise, but I enjoy the adaptation of GoT. I am still hopeful to get a game in...

  2. Nice survivors man, I really need some myself. Nice Batrep last time out, can't wait to read another

    1. I really recommend the Wargames Factory sets. There are not many poses for the people, but lots of extra bits! You can customize them pretty easily. I also recommend getting a few of the clix figs, a head swap and some extra gear and you have a nice unique figure for cheap.

  3. A big thumbs up for Team Mark. I'm glad you told us more about the figures, particularly which companies they came from.

    1. Thanks! Team Mark will hopefully have some interesting adventures.
      One thing that has sometimes been a problem for me is finding some of the manufacturers out there. Plus, if I like them, the least I can do is give a shout out.

  4. I'm looking forward to their next mission as well. Mind you, now that I know who they are it'll be harder to accept any losses :-) !

    1. Completely agree. I am only going with first names, but I am going to give any major characters a little background. It will hurt when they die (and turn!) but that's life. Plus it makes the game that much more engaging for me.

  5. Excellent set of survivors. The Mark conversion fits perfect.
    I wished I'd left the guitar off of my own Gallup now. Yours looks far better :)

    1. I liked the guitar, but I wanted a more plain figure. The guitar just didn't fit the vibe I wanted. Regardless, I think he's a cool fig.