Monday, April 25, 2016

Checking Out the Neighbors (Part 2 - Conclusion)

"Well that's just great."  Jack said, looking around.  "Any more bright ideas?"
Tina shot daggers in her look at Jack.  "I didn't think we should come here to begin with."
Dawn looked at the bending fence and the zombies in the road.  "I think I may have an idea."  She said, matter of factly.
The group is surrounded
Last turn started with the crevasse opening up in the road and the zombies activating and the survivors not activating at all.  The team is trying to explore the buildings in the area and continue towards the rest of the town.

The next turn the survivors activate but the zombies do not.  Looks like the team gets a break!  They run around the wrecks to the street beyond.
Everyone runs past the wrecks
Jack padded down the now lifeless corpse of the soldier in the street.  Opening up the various pouches and pockets, he hoped to find something useful.  A few loose rounds of ammunition and a couple pieces from an MRE is all he found until he checked the back, where Jack found a full first aid kit.  "Jackpot!"  He yelled.
"Keep moving!  We need to head towards the junkyard!"  Dawn yelled back as Jack continued to check the body for useful items.

Jack (being Greedy) rushes forward to search the downed guard zombie.  Luckily I roll a 1 for the number of turns he spends searching.  The next turn starts with another random event before the survivors and then the zombies act.
Armed zombie - that's not fair!
At least the armed zed is stuck in the pit
Zombies crash the fence and move forward
I make a quick ruling that the zombies need to pass 2d to climb out.  They will roll each turn, and will stand up on the edge nearest the survivors.  Everyone waits, watching the zombies shamble forward and into the pit.  No zombies manage to climb out, and I am starting to think passing 2d may be too hard...
Pit full of zed!
On the next turn, the zombies go first.  The last two fall into the pit, but three climb out!  The survivors react with Tina shooting and Dawn and Brenda (who passes her brown pants check) attacking in hand to hand.
Zombies crawl forward
Tina shoots one as Dawn and Brenda attack

Two more zombies appear
Over the next few turns, The survivors basically stand around and wit for the zombies to get close.  I'm hoping to get the two zombies out of the junkyard lot before moving in.  It's important to plan well ahead for moving with the citizens along, the brown pants roll can really throw plans off.
Dawn faces two zombies
More zombies approach
"I can get him from here!"  Jack yelled, taking aim with his SMG.  "Then we can stop standing around!"
"Keep an eye out for more after you shoot!"  Dawn shouted, eyeing up a zombie crawling out of the pit.
Last zombie from the junkyard
Dawn kills the nearest zombie in melee and Jack shoots the other zombie closest to the group.  His shots bring one more zombie, behind the team near a wrecked jeep.
Another zed arrives
Looking around, Dawn saw the zombies had thinned out.  "Let's head to the buildings and get out of here before more dead arrive."  She said gesturing towards the nearby shack.
"That's fine by me, I'll just be glad to get out of here!"  Joyce said, checking her shotgun.
Preparing to enter the shack
The team runs to the nearby shack, getting ready to enter.  Apparently that took a lot out of them, as they don't activate for three turns...
One zombie strolls along the road
He crashes into the barricade
Jack faces the zombie!
So after three turns of standing around (yikes that hurt!) one zombie (at least the others stay stuck in the pit) stumbles into Jack.  He passes the charge test, but we go straight to melee.  Jack rolls 5d6 (rep 4, +1 for 1 hand melee weapon) versus 3d6 for the zombie.  With the bonus success for fighting a zombie, Jack easily wins by 3.

Dawn enters the shack when they finally activate.  She finds and empty room.
Dawn finds an empty shack
The group moves towards the garage in the junkyard lot.  I elect to stop checking the zombies in the pit (I figure they calm down without seeing or hearing anything) mostly because they were rolling poorly and not getting out.
Heading to the garage
"I don't see any damn gas!"  The voice yelled from the garage.
"Harry, calm the hell down!  I told ya that kid said he left it in a garage around here.  Maybe he meant one of the house over on Tenth Street."  Another voice answered loudly.
The voices caught Dawn by surprise as she walked towards the garage.  Looking at the group she saw worried looks from everyone except Jack who simply shrugged at her.  Dawn waved Jack to come with her as she approached the side door.  She held up her pistol and and gestured at Jack and and the right side of the door.  Jack nodded and cocked his SMG.
The arguing inside stopped as Dawn kicked open the door and entered the garage, facing a pair of men dressed in a mix of camouflage uniforms and hunting gear.  "You just entered the wrong garage!" One man yelled, raising a machine pistol to fire.

Dawn and Jack enter the garage and find two gangers, Rep 3 (machine pistol) and Rep 3 (BAP).  They are from a 'gang' in the area populated by deserters and some civilians.  The meet and greet goes poorly, Dawn with two success versus three for the gang.  They decide to walk the walk and we go to in sight tests.
Trigger happy ganger
Luckily only one of the gangers passes any dice, but he gets two successes and ties Dawn.  They go at the same time, and Jack will go second as he passes one die for his in sight check.
Results of the first shots
Dawn fires her BAP twice and gets a knock down, which turns into an out of the fight.  The ganger fires his machine pistol and gets one hit with an obviously dead result.  Dawn is Tough as Nails and the result turns into a knockdown result instead.  She passes 2d on her check and carries on.

Jack activates and shoots the last standing ganger.
Gang down.
Both gangers go OOF, so Dawn and Jack take their weapons and search the garage.  The garage is empty but they do pick up a machine pistol and BAP from the two gangers.  Closing the door behind them, Jack and Dawn regroup with the team and they all head towards the gas station.
Jump the fence
Jack hopped over the fence and paused as he looked at the ruined jeep in the road.  "Hey, I bet that belonged to someone who liked the outdoors.  Maybe there is some good gear we can use!"  Jack yelled and ran towards it.
"Jack!  Leave it, check the gas station and let's go!"  Dawn yelled back before shaking her head and running after Jack to keep him on task.
Jack's greed distracts him
Jack searches the jeep, finding nothing, but being greedy, he will spend d6 turns searching, I roll a 4 so Dawn moves up to Jack to keep him moving.  The rest of team starts searching around the gas station as everyone moves to the building and searches.  In the end they manage to find a unit of food.
Dawn argues with Jack to keep moving

Everyone searches the gas station
After searching the gas station, the whole group exits the table, continuing into town.  Dawn scores pretty well for keeping it together, with 3 successes.  Eric scored 1, and won't check next time.  Tina, Jack and Brenda score 2 success and stay.  Joyce ties with 3 successes, but as the scenario was a success, she stays.
Walking into town
"We left the camp a couple of days ago.  There was fighting at the school south of town and guards have been disappearing for weeks now.  There were rumors that the medical group was experimenting on people and that anyone who went in there never came out."  Joyce was explaining the events of the last few weeks.  "A horde of dead crashed into the southern fences and got into the tents and trailers.  It was chaos and panic..."  She choked a bit, but continued, "We all lost people."
"That sounds horrible!"  Dawn said, shocked.  "Are there more people alive in there?"
Brenda shook her head "I don't know.  Maybe, I heard gunfire as we ran away last night.  The guards were well armed and the central compound was pretty well protected.  They might still be holding out."
Pausing along the street near a wrecked car, everyone looked around and then to Dawn.  She sighed and looked further down the road before saying anything.  "Let's see how big the horde is and then decide if we can either help or get more supplies.  I don't think any of us wants to wake up with a mass of dead crashing our house."
Everyone nodded, checked their weapons and packs and started walking along the road again.


  1. Great stuff, and a very nice looking table too; I especially like the gas station with the removable roof :-)

    1. Thank you! I like how the gas station turned out, it may become a common sight on the tabletop...

  2. Go team Dawn! Nicely done bud as always ;-)

    1. Hahaha. They should really turn back, but curiosity you know...

  3. No casualties and new recruits for Team Dawn - a great result. As always, your game board looks very impressive. Your gas station is outstanding.

    1. Thanks! I suspect the luck won't last, they are in a very dangerous area. We'll see how things develop.

  4. Fabulous, always impressive and a joy to see your amazing table set up.

    1. Wow, thanks a lot! I'm happy you enjoyed it!

  5. Result!
    Great batr-rep and a good result. I'm not so sure about there being civilians still around though.

    1. Things turned out well. We will see what happens next though. It's hard to imagine citizens still around after nearly two months of the apocalypse, but some folks have been protected. They are a pain to have in place of survivors tho!

  6. It's great to see Dawn leading a larger group, rather than just being a loner :-) . However, past experience suggests that most of them will die horribly in the near future :-( .

    1. A great prediction, and I agree, These things usually take turn for the horrible! We'll see what happens next.

  7. Ohoh, more to come. I am curious to see how the board will look like.
    Great job Dawn, even if it was a close one.

    1. It was fun, hopefully things keep going well for Dawn and company.

  8. Cracking conclusion dude!
    Love the table layout, the more you look the more you see.
    Dawn leading a larger group is going to be interesting!

    1. Happy to hear you enjoyed it! It was a fun battlefield to setup. I can't wait to see how many people survive the next scenario...