Monday, April 11, 2016

Should We Stay or Should We Go?

"We should stay!"  Tina yelled as Dawn asked if she had everything packed.  "This seems to be a safe enough area.  Sure there have been some zombies, no power and a few strangers... No offense, Jack."
"None taken."  Jack said quietly as he finished a can of beer while sitting at the dining room table.
"That guy Donald all but ran through here trying to get away from Somerset."  Dawn replied.  "If there is a FEMA camp there, and it's been overrun, we need to get out of here."
"There haven't been that many zombies around here.  I'll bet the camp is just deserted."  Tina continued.  "We should just clear out the house and barn, and make some fences to keep the few wanderers out."
"You know I want to head east, I promised my friends I'd return if I could."  Dawn replied.  "I still say we should be ready to go, and check out the camp area.  If it's bad we can run, if it's not, we can come back."
Tina looked upset, looking hard at Dawn.  "What do you think Jack?"  she said coldly.
"Oh boy."  Jack said as he looked at the two women.

I am starting out with an argument between Dawn and Tina about staying versus leaving.  I am using the same mechanics as I did for when the group first decided to head to Minneapolis (wow that seems so long ago!)  Jack will be the deciding vote for what they will do.

Dawn wants to load up, check the FEMA camp and head east.  Tina wants to improve the house they are in and make a place to stay.  Jack is undecided, lucky him! 

The rules for the argument are similar as the original rules for melee where each person trying to convince Jack will roll their PEP stat in d6, looking for successes.  Each success will move Jack 'one space' to either side of the argument or undecided (in the middle).  Once there is nobody undecided, there will be 1d6 rounds before the argument ends.  Seems complex, but it's easy once you see it in action.

Tina has a PEP of 3, Dawn has PEP of 4.
Jack likes the idea of staying...
 Tina wins 1 to 0, and I roll 3 rounds left.
Dawn can't persuade Jack

Tina solidifies her position
Tina adds two more successes to Jack staying on her side.  The last turn is going to need to be spectacular for Dawn to win this.
Looks like we stay...

While they will 'stay' at the house, they will still check the nearby town and FEMA camp.  They will just plan on returning to home rather than moving on/through the camp area.

"Alright."  Dawn said with an exasperated sigh.  "We barricade the house and stay."  Tina clapped, but Dawn finished.  "IF the FEMA camp isn't as bad as that survivor made it sound."
Tina pouted, putting hands on her hips.  "That wasn't the deal!  We're going to stay."
"Whoa there."  Jack jumped in.  "I think we need to check that camp.  I don't want to stay where a horde could overrun us at any moment."
Tina looked at Jack with the same withering gaze and slowly spoke to him.  "You said we'd stay."
"Whoa.  We will."  Jack replied holding up his hands.  "Once we're sure the area is safe."
Tina considered it and nodded.  "Okay.  Let's get the barricades going and we can check it out in a couple of days..."

On day 58, the group wanders to the east, approaching the outskirts of Somerset...
Approaching Somerset...
So this was short and long overdue.  Sorry, but The Commonwealth of 2288 (it's January in my game...) needed my assistance.  Curse you Fallout 4!


  1. Big teaser! And to dangle that excellent board in front of us as well.....bloody fallout 4

    1. The next installment is on its way. It's taken me longer to write it up than expected (plus Fallout!)

  2. Nice intro, Steve, but that camp looks like a hellhole to me. I fear trouble ahead.

    1. I am certain you are correct sir, trouble seems to be wherever the team goes!

  3. I culd almost hear the two girls arguing their case - poor Jack.
    Your table for the forthcoming venture into the FEMA camp looks excellent, looking forward to the encounter.
    And as for F4, after spending 28 days (real time) playing it I understand your pangs to return to it.

    1. I am hoping it turns into a fun time, I have some ideas for the camp that should be interesting. We'll see where the game takes us.

  4. Well at least that is all sorted out, now on to playing on that amazing looking board! :)

    1. Soon, I promise. The write up has taken longer than expected - it will be up soon.

  5. Nice solution to conflict resolution dude! The Somerset board looks terrific. I know what you mean about Fallout 4 dude, it's a hobby black hole!

    1. I'll be back out of the black hole soon, I hope! I like to have more than a single throw of the die for the more important decisions for the group. Glad you liked it!