Sunday, August 21, 2016

I have a created a monster...

...Well, a pocket monster.
Well, they're zombies...

The wife and I have been playing Pokemon GO, along with a sizable portion of the rest of the world, I know.  This has taken quite a bit from my hobby and game time, and I have been lacking any real progress.  My plan is to get the search for Eric up soon, if work will cooperate a bit this week.

At least Fear the Walking Dead is back!  Hopefully it will give me more inspiration to get back to ATZ.

Until then, gotta catch 'em all!
I don't choose you...


  1. Brilliant, best of luck catching them all!

    1. I may not catch them all, but if we can catch some fun ones, I'll be happy. It's been a fun distraction.

  2. Oh dear, good luck (I guess) with your efforts

    1. If it gets us out and active, I'm pleased. If nothing else, it gives us something to do on our evening walks, and we have actually gone to some parks around town we wouldn't have otherwise.

      I'm starting to get anxious to get back to ATZ though.

      Zomtober is coming!