Sunday, June 11, 2017

Wasteland Cruiser

I found an older muscle car toy at a second hand shop, and it inspired me to create a post-apocalyptic ride.  It was red and beat up pretty bad, the rear window was missing, wheels damaged, chipped bumper, not a wreck, but in bad shape.  I'm sure you all know the inspiration for this vehicle...
Mad Max anyone?
I added some fuel tanks to the rear window area (taken from a truck) as they fir the space pretty well.  The front end has a reinforced bumper made from wire and sprue parts.  I also added wire mesh to the windows, they need some protection.  Overall a rust and dirty paint job finished the cruiser.
Ready for a rough road
Improvised front ram
Rex stands in for Max
Pretty much straightforward, a rusty beat up muscle car.  Some reinforcement and extra fuel tanks for the long empty roads...


  1. Excellent job! (and great choice of colour - the blood splats won't show up so much!!)
    It's amazing just what "gaming stuff" can be found in the second hand / charity shops - I love 'em!

    1. Thanks. The stuff I find at second hand stores or rummage sales is great. Wish I had known to look sooner.

  2. Though PA 'mad max' games don't appeal to me this is a great conversion

    1. I have not found a Mad Max game that I have liked. I will use them with my ATZ games though.