Friday, January 3, 2014

Campaign Start Up

I have started an ATZ:FFO campaign, and I will document it as it unfolds.  I will be using the rules pretty much as listed, however, I have added a resource called ammo.  I did this for my ATZ:BDTZ and I like having some additional resources to look for, and it gives me something else to find besides weapons.  I will also use the Risk and Rewards deck from THW and the very cool events deck from Colgar6 (Colgar's blog) for the various situations.

My starting survivors will be a husband and wife:
Mark and Pamela for day 1

Mark - Rep 3/Pep 1/Sav 2 (attributes will be generated one per scenario after the first)
Pamela - Rep 3/Pep 2/Sav 1 (attributes will be generated one per scenario after the first)

Both will be stars, but only one will be a star in any scenario they are together.

My intention will be to have a series of linked scenarios of them trying to get together and get home.  After that, it will be wherever the game takes me.  Once I get past the first scenario for each, I will play with normal rules for adding members to the group.

They will start with an SUV and a sedan, plus a house in the suburbs.  They have two pistols and a shotgun, two baseball bats, a crowbar, an axe, 4 units of food, 2 medical supplies and 8 luxuries at their home.


  1. Cool characters are they clix figures?

  2. They are indeed clix, just re-based. Mark is a Tony Stark and Pamela is a Con Artist. I have no idea what sets they came from, the figure for Pamela has been used in a few campaigns of Cyberpunk and other modern/future games for awhile here. The other is pretty recent, probably one of the movie sets.

  3. This is nice, in on the ground floor so to speak