Sunday, January 12, 2014

Civilian Horde!

I haven't gotten the next adventure done yet, I want to start in an office setting, and I am building some scenery to match.  I hope to have it done this week and post the battle report next weekend.

I have a couple of group shots of my zombie snacks, or civilians, to be used as either panicked civilians, possible survivors or whatever else I might need.  They are a mix of O-scale figures, converted heroclix, toys and game pieces.  Some are very much out of scale for 28mm gaming, but in all they work out pretty well I think.  Not all have been finished, but you get the idea from the pics.

A kind of rogue's gallery
I do have a couple of Reaper miniatures to help see the scale, one on each end.
Who are these guys, some sort of boy band?
A few of these are toys and out of scale. I did a head swap on some, using some extra heads from Wargames Factory zombies.  They don't look too bad, they are not meant to be central characters.
I wonder if any of them have a Clue what is going to happen to them.
Some of these will represent characters for Day One scenarios, and then I will replace them as they gain experience.  After all, few of my characters are going to start looking like Mad Max or Alice from Resident Evil.
Where is the nearest train?
If they group up to form a mob, it looks like a decent mob.  I may add some more figs as I come across them, I would like to add some people holding signs, more like protestors.
Ahhh, zombie bait.
Stay safe out there.