Thursday, January 2, 2014

Some Scenery

For my ATZ campaign, I wanted to have a junkyard/survivor fort completed eventually.  These are a few pieces I have done for that.  Most are just made from old parts and toys I have in my much too large bits piles.  The corrugated walls are made from aluminum cans that have been formed through a paper shaper for scrap booking.

These are older pieces, I will be posting some updated items, as well as some batreps as soon as I can.

Sections of wall

Because "WELCOME" just didn't seem correct.

Its best to leave the gates closed during the apocalypse...

Couple of random plastic cars, bunch of junk (a heroclix base is in there)

Random gubbins.

Some sort of toy soldier tents I found at a flea market for 10 cents each.  I wish they had more.

Actually an HO scale truck body, but I like it for an objective marker (some sort of generator)
I will try and post some actual in game shots (I always seem to forget to take pics while playing) and as I said, some batreps will follow.


  1. I'll pinch these ideas as I'm in the PA mood at the moment the cars and those wall will fit in perfectly :D