Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cheap Homes

So I am using my new campaign to help motivate me to finish some of my scatter terrain (the office furniture has been a bit ...challenging... to be motivated on) but I want to document some of my other pieces as well.

Here are three destroyed homes, based off of a really cheap and small doll house toy.  I picked these up at a Goodwill (thrift store) for about $1.00 each.  I have picked up a bunch over time, and I plan on using them as a before and after for suburban housing.

The apocalypse can be rough on subdivisions...
They make for decent stand-ins for ruins, and I didn't spend an hour on each one.  They are very easy to break (hehehe) and as such, make very easy ruined homes.  I have gotten a couple that had furniture included, which is small, but useful.  I plan on using that for more scatter terrain for interiors.

Another angle on the homes.
I have a few from one of my previous ATZ campaigns.  This was a small neighborhood in a rural/suburban area.  I have a couple of cardboard homes from Hobby Lobby (they were around for Christmas a couple of years ago) also in the picture.  These have a basic paint job applied, nothing fancy.
It seems like such a quiet neighborhood.
You can see they can have some pretty funky colors (pinks and yellows are common) some are not too bad, and I have been experimenting with black/brown washes to dull them to usable condition.  It may be "cheating" but I love using  (or reusing) toys for scenery.  I am lucky to have a great thrift store nearby so I have been getting stuff cheap.

As always, comments welcome.  Thanks for looking, stay safe out there.


  1. You set=up looks great andd the ruins are a great addition

  2. Thanks for looking! I love your stuff, it has been inspiring. Hopefully you find some stuff that you can steal for your setups!

  3. Great looking table I wish I could stumble upon such great looking dollhouse at the price.

  4. Nice setup, I wish I was anywhere near this.