Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day One at the Office

There are a few special rules I used for this scenario, more or less just some looting rules, and a couple of random charts for the elevators.  I also randomized where each human started, and proceeded from there.

The day had started off normal enough, although Pamela had hit a few huge snarls of traffic, and was 20 minutes late to work.  She managed to grab the last space with her yellow compact, and hurried in, catching an elevator.  The radio had mentioned that the police were warning people to stay off the streets, so it wasn't a surprise to see a couple of empty desks when she got to her desk.

Pamela set her purse down, started up her computer and decided on some coffee.  Sandra said they were interrupting music with some sort of news about the chaos hitting the city.  Pamela figured she would get an update when she got back to her desk. 

In the break room, Pamela ran into Ted, the manager for the floor.  He was looking out the window, apparently there had been a crash in the intersection.  "Lots of crazies today, Pam.  I just heard the crash out there, and it looks like there are several fires nearby - look at the smoke!"

Pamela looked out window, and saw a pickup and car crashed into each other.  The car had gotten the worse of it.  "What are those people doing wandering around?"  Pamela was a bit worried - the news had reported some riots and strange attacks in some other large cities over the past couple of days.  Could it be happening here?

"Well, I guess we will never..."  Ted trailed off as the elevator doors opened, and a pair of...people shambled out.

Round 1 setup
Round 1:  The elevator arrived, and 2 zombies shambled off.  They moved into the front desk, trying to get the guy working there.  This caused him to panic (passed 1d on zed or no zed check, and I rolled a run away result for random action).

Ding!  Zombies!
Round 2:  Ted, the boss, Moved up and attacked the zombies.  Pamela ran back to her desk and grabbed her purse.  Everyone else popped up over the cube walls.  The guy from the front ran for the stairs.

The boss takes charge.
Ted knocked down the first zombie, but didn't kill it.  The second one latched on and with huge bite, tore out Ted's neck and he went down with a gurgle and spray of blood.  This caused the woman in green to panic, and freeze in place (failed 2d, random action was freeze).  Pamela convinced Sandra to take a look at the commotion.  Which they did on their next turn.  Pamela grabbed her keyboard (improvised weapon) and got ready to fight.

Turn 3/4: Sandra moved up, saw the dead body and zombies, and panicked - running back, barreling over Rick (in blue) who came out of the bathroom to see what was happening.  Everyone else was panicking and running for the stairs.  Pamela moved up after this, and charged the lead zombie.  (Realistically I should have just run away, but where's the fun in that?)

Sandra runs past.  Maybe she played lacrosse as a kid.
Round 5:  Pamela fought a round in melee, and only managed to knock down the zombie.  Damn, they are hard to kill without a good weapon.  It was rapidly becoming just Pamela versus the zombies as Rick panicked and ran on the next turn.

One down...and uh-oh
Round 6/7/8:  (I am missing a pic, not sure what happened) Pamela backed off, and the zombies moved up to the corner.  Against my better judgement, I charged and managed to actually kill one.  Unfortunately, the dice gods struck back, the next round - one zombie knocked Pamela down.  On turn 7 I rolled double 6, and ruled the boss had reanimated, so I had another zombie to play with.  With Pamela down, I had to check for infection - I managed to roll a 6, she was not infected, and passed 2d for knocked down.  She was stunned for a turn, and I anxiously waited for the next turn activations.

This usually where the game ends...
Round 9/10: Pamela won initiative, stood up, and killed the zombie that had knocked her down.  It was by far the best round of melee I had rolled yet.  Looking at the last zombie, and it being someone Pamela "knew", I figured the odds were not good.  Discretion being the better part of valor, Pamela headed for the stairs.

Up and at 'em!
Heading down the stairs, (I had planned on this being on the third floor, so I only had a few floors to go down) Pamela didn't run into anybody (random rolls came up with empty and 2 "normal" civilians, who ignored her) and I reached the ground floor.  Rather than trying the lobby (it was either going to be zombies, panicked humans or both) Pamela ducked out the fire door and into the parking lot.

Boss, I am leaving early today...
That was the scenario I had planned out.  It was fun, I wasn't sure where the zombies would first come from, I had a few random charts planned out.  As it turned out, they stumbled off the elevators and fun ensued.  I know the boss re-animating wasn't strictly by the book, and the randomized reactions (it was all fight or flight type actions) didn't add much, but it did seem like everyone panicked and ran.

So round 2 now starts - outside...

It must be safer outside...

With some luck, I will play this week and post the bat rep before next weekend.


  1. Great bat-rep, very believable and fun; the office interior looks great too, as does your set-up for round 2

    1. Thanks! The office setup was meant to be a fun different area or scenario to play. Since it is day one, I figured I could get away with some cinematic moments in the game...

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I hope this will push me to play and paint more... :)

  3. Liking the next instalment. Really enjoying your bat reps keeps up the good work..

  4. Nice Batrep, slowly ramping up the tension, like it a lot.